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This work, entitled Two Women, is part of de Koonings important Clam Diggers series.  The piece reveals his distinctive style, which embraced the figural yet bordered on abstraction.

The Cutting Edge: Abstract Expressionist Paintings by Willem de Kooning

Posted: May 23, 2016 16:03 Last Updated: | Bill Rau

At once dominant and liberating, the work of Dutch-American artist Willem de Kooning has no equal. A leader and founding member of the Abstract Expressionist movement, de Kooning created art that stemmed from the subconscious, focusing on the spontaneous, often intense, creative process, expressing an untamed energy never before seen, or since equaled.   De Kooning avoided being boxed into a particular movement or style, preferring rather to focus upon the raw emotions and subjective. Upon examination, the artist’s women-centric works truly defy classification, conveying everything fro...

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