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"Threefold" by Alice Aycock

M Contemporary to Exhibit at Miami Arts Week

Released: November 28, 2011

M Contemporary's exhibit at Miami Arts Week will include works by Alice Aycock (American, b. 1946), Karl Connolly (Irish, b. 1968), David Kessler (American, b. 1950, Susie Lee (American), Anke Schofield (American, b. 1972) and Allison Stewart (American). The M Contemporary exhibit will be at the Red Dot Art Fair in booth A-100, with an opening reception Tuesday, November 29, and public hours from November 30-December 4th, 2011.   M Contemporary will be exhibiting two Alice Aycock scupltures. "Threefold" is an iconic Aycock piece in metal, a medium she has been using sinc...

"Horse and House" by Anke Schofield

Miami Update from Myers Contemporary: Collectors are Buying

Released: December 04, 2010

To date, Myers Contemporary has sold works by four artists: Anke Schofield, David Kessler, Lisa Nankivil, and Michael Lucero. During this week's show, Schofield has learned that her collaborative works with Luis Garcia-Nerey, some of which are on display at Red Dot, will be shown in Amsterdam next year. Interest in George Dunbar is high, but the finishes and austere composition mean the attraction is not as immediate as some other imagery and requires more considered engagement. With so much art on display, many visitors are focusing on what initially catches their eye. Myers Cont...

Deity XIV, Red clay on board, brass brushed, 12.5″x16.5″, 2010 George Dunbar

Miami Arts Week Preview for Myers Contemporary

Released: November 29, 2010

For the third year in a row, Myers Contemporary will be presenting a range of noteworthy artists in Miami. Susie Lee, David Kessler, Anke Schofield, Lisa Nankivil, and George Dunbar will share Myers Contemporary’s premiere spot at the entrance to Red Dot, adjacent to the openings for Scope and Art Miami. All the artists share an innovative, intelligent approach to their art, bringing something new and thoughtful to the artistic conversation. Susie Lee’s video portraits “Still Lives” will be on display. Inspired by the thoughts and personalities of each subject and based upon works by Goy...

Bronze Deity, Bronze over dental stone, 18″x15″x9″, 2010, George Dunbar

Myers Contemporary Presenting George Dunbar in Miami This Week

Released: November 28, 2010

Myers Contemporary is excited to announce that George Dunbar’s mixed media work will be presented at Miami Arts Week. Known for his impressive career beginning in New York in the '50's, Dunbar has become one of the reigning legends of southern art. Working in his own personally developed style, Dunbar's work is in permanent collections in the British Museum in London as well as the Ogden Museum in New Orleans. Dunbar works with leaf on clay, etching directly on clay and works with bronze and other metals. Dunbar’s refined works created out of the combination of earthy clay and ...

"Streaming" by Lisa Nankivil

Myers Contemporary Using Collectrium at Miami Arts Week

Released: November 26, 2010

Visitors to Miami Arts Week will be able to view Myers Contemporary's art on their iPhones using the free Collectrium iPhone app. Myers Contemporary is joining galleries from Art Miami, Aqua, Art Asia, and Scope to make their collections available on the iPhone to see, save, and share. These state-of-the-art apps will allow visitors to take a snapshot of artworks exhibited at the fair and: Instantly receive extensive information on artist and piece Add their own notes Bookmark for later Share with a friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email Contact the gallery Links: Collectrium...

"Luminous Progression" 44"x64", Paint on aluminum, brushed, 2010, David Kessler

Myers Contemporary Presents David Kessler in Miami

Released: November 24, 2010

David Kessler’s photo realistic works will be presented in Miami by Myers Contemporary next week. Kessler has intentionally added to the world of art by perfecting a waterscape technique using abraded and polished aluminum combined with paint and canvas. Kessler’s innovative signature style of illusionary waterscapes engages the viewer with the play of light and color introduced both through paint as well as reflections on textured aluminum. When combined with painted canvas, Kessler’s viewers perceive an even greater shift between the painted surface and the aluminum media. Myers Cont...

"Yarn", 4'x6', mixed media on board, Anke Schofield, 2010

Myers Contemporary to Feature Anke Schofield at Miami Arts Week

Released: November 23, 2010

Anke Schofield will be returning to Miami Arts Week’s Red Dot Fair with Myers Contemporary next week. Anke’s popular large-scale works feature fantastical dream-like images created through complex layering. Piqueing the imagination, Anke’s whimsical imagery of animate and inanimate objects integrated in unexpected ways is a sophisticated combination of photography, collage, oil paint, acrylic paint, wax, and sometimes even tar. The surreal juxtaposition of images is reinforced by the eclectic use of media. Anke finishes her works with a smooth, shiny veneer of epoxy resins, creating...

Two Men Gazing

Myers Contemporary to Showcase Susie Lee in Miami

Released: November 22, 2010

 Myers Contemporary will be showcasing Susie Lee at Miami Arts Week. Susie Lee's video portraits "Still Lives" will be on view at the entrance to Red Dot Miami. Susie Lee has a strong background in both the sciences and the arts and brings a curious and adventurous mind to her art. With experience in media ranging from clay, paper, sand, water, light, burning twine, and Bach, Lee continues to poetically advance her work with an audacious sense of creative advenutre. Exploring the ever-fascinating portrait concept, Susie Lee captures minutes of time while commenting on historical...

Myers Contemporary 2009 Miami Exhibit

Myers Contemporary Returns to Miami Arts Week in Premiere Position

Released: November 17, 2010

With positive reviews, strong collector interest, and an elegant and tailored setting, the popular Myers Contemporary will be in the prime spot at the Red Dot Fair at Miami Arts Week. Myers Contemporary will be showcasing an eclectic mix of returning and new artists at the entrance to Red Dot, adjacent to the entries of the Art Miami and Scope shows. Myers Contemporary is returning to Miami Arts Week at the Red Dot Fair for the third year in a row. With more coordinated locations and schedules for Red Dot Fair Miami, Scope and Art  Miami, Myers Contemporary anticipates being able t...

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