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A rare and stunning Burmese Imperial jadeite is the star of this striking ring

What’s in a Name? The Splendor of Imperial Jadeite Jewelry

Posted: September 20, 2010 14:55 Last Updated: | Bill Rau

“Gold is estimable; but Jade is priceless.”  –Chinese proverb Shrouded behind a veil of verdant mystery for centuries, the brilliance of jadeite inspired fascinating legends of desire. One such tale tells of a Chinese emperor who offered fifteen cities for a jadeite carving so small that it fit in the palm of his hand. Today, Imperial jadeite is ranked as one of the rarest minerals on earth. Jewelry crafted of this precious stone can fetch amazing dollar amounts. A Christie’s auction in Hong Kong of a jadeite necklace comprising 27 beads of approximately 15mm in size brought in $9...

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