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This portrait of Emperor Marcus Aurelius by Peter Paul Rubens dates to his days as a student in Antwerp.  It is a rare glimpse into the artist's early work, circa 1600.

First Steps To Greatness: An Early Rubens Masterpiece

Posted: May 29, 2013 13:23 Last Updated: | Bill Rau

Emotional. Mesmerizing. Profound.  All of these words and more have been used over the centuries to describe the work of Baroque master Peter Paul Rubens. We’re all familiar with the spiritually charged, vibrant canvases that grace the collections of major museums throughout the world. Too seldom do art lovers get the chance to see a legendary artist’s early works–the true foundations of their genius. This painting, entitled The Emperor Marcus Aurelius provides this intriguing insight into the works of the Baroque master.    As was typical of the time, students in his ...

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