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Fine Art Daily, Bellini in Edinburgh

Fine Art Daily - August 6, 2010

Posted: August 06, 2010 05:53 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

August 6, 2010It's All Request Cocktail Recipe Friday with thanks to Nancy Taylor Robson."Mine is a Pear Bellini I had in Edinburgh last year with one of mylongest-term (not oldest) dearest friends, Anna. Anna, who is Welsh, andI were roommates in a big old house of flats in London before either of uswas married. I was Anna's only bridesmaid and she would have been mine thefollowing year, except she was too pregnant to fly. I went over lastOctober to spend a week and we made a foray into Scotland's capital to buybooks and visit her daughter, who was about to deliver Anna's firstgrandchild...