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Picasso Madura.  "Bearded Man's Wife." Est.  25/35,000 USD.

Fine Art Leads Best Ever January at Clarke.

Posted: December 11, 2013 13:10 Last Updated: | Joseph Ronan Clarke

     The New Year at Clarke Auction will start, perhaps stronger than ever before, with a demonstration of their resolution for consistent excellence in 2014.      The fine art selection for Clarke’s January 5th sale already boasts some unbelievable pieces that will propel Clarke into 2014 with fantastic appeal including a massive work by Walasse Ting,  an important gouache by Emil Schumacher, an oil on masonite of stellar execution by Ettore Caser, and a multitude of fine works from a magnificent and large Hartford, Connecticut estate.   &nbsp...

Rowayton, October

Fine Art Daily - October 19, 2010

Posted: October 19, 2010 04:35 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

October 19, 2010 The leaves hadn't all turned when I was in Connecticut last week, but there were glowing patches of golden radiance as we zipped around with Henry Clay, who had many appointments to keep. And then I kept getting turned around, ending up in New Canaan twice. Getting lost is an excellent way to see the sights! Visit Fine Art Daily and The Chestertown Spy to read more!

Henry Clay - October 2010

Fine Art Daily - October 18, 2010

Posted: October 18, 2010 05:11 Last Updated: | Jean Dixon Sanders

October 18, 2010 This is my new friend, Henry Clay. I was visiting Connecticut last week, and spent some time hanging in the dog park with Henry and his many energetic friends. We rambled around the fenced area, chasing tennis balls, sizing up our companions and their humans. The original 101 Dalmatians got that right. Everyone did have a slight family resemblance - except for the crazily marked Australian shepherd, with his bright blue eyes and wild ocelot spotting. His human was calm and quietly funny. Henry was always very swift, shot from canons, in the beautiful sunny and gold...

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