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Few people realize that Churchill was a gifted artist.

Brush Strokes of a Renaissance Man: The Paintings of Winston Churchill

Posted: August 12, 2011 10:34 Last Updated: | Bill Rau

Few figures in Modern history evoke images of leadership, integrity and political prowess as does Winston Churchill.  His iconic speeches and steadfast direction during World War II galvanized the Allied forces in Britain and abroad. Few people realized that, though he was most revered for his rolls as statesman, orator, historian, politician and writer, Churchill was also an accomplished artist. M.S. Rau is honored to have two of his historically significant works currently in our Fine Art collection: The Tower of Katoubia Mosque, created and given by Churchill to President Frankl...

Rose Art Museum

Not a Happy Day for the Rose Art Museum

Posted: April 27, 2009 10:21 Last Updated: | ArtfixDaily Staff

(February 12, 2009) In a live Ustream webcast on February 11, faculty and alumni from Brandeis University hosted an emotional town meeting about the future of their Waltham, Massachusetts, institution’s 48-year-old Rose Art Museum. The self-described financially-flailing university started the new year with a Board of Trustees decision to raise funds through the closing of the musuem, an important New England repsository of  post-war artwork. Facing an uncertain future is a collection of about 7,000  modern and contemporary works of art—from Picasso to Warhol---valued at around $...

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