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Hawthorne Fine Art Pairs Great American Literature with Beautiful American Paintings

New York's Hawthorne Fine Art presents a new gallery catalogue titled Summer Reading: American Paintings & Prose, a lovely little booklet that can serve as a reading companion during summer travels.

In Summer Reading, Hawthorne has paired passages from great works of American literature with a beautiful selection of their current offerings. James Fenimore Cooper is paired with Alfred Bricher; Soren Emil Carlsen with Herman Melville; Walter Launt Palmer with Henry David Thoreau; Paul Cornoyer with Edith Warton; William Hart with Mark Twain. It is a feast of text and image that immerses the reader in American cultural history.

As gallery owner Jennifer Krieger explains in her introduction, “We wish to create an intimate connection between the artworks and you, one in which you sense their fascinating past and where they can serve as companion in your present.”

Selections from the catalogue are shown in the slideshow below. The publication can viewed as a PDF at Please email the gallery for a copy of the catalogue at

Catalogue cover featuring a detail of William Frederick de Haas (1830–1880), Fishermen Off Beavertail Light, 1875. Hugh Bolton Jones, The Old Swimming Hole.  Oil on canvas, 16 3/4 x 243/4 inches, Signed lower left. Walter Launt Palmer (1854–1932) Moonlight on the Hudson, 1884.  Pastel on paper, 24 x 18 inches.  Signed and dated 1884, lower left. William Hart (1823–1894)Mill on the Upper Hudson, 1846.  Oil on canvas, 17 1/4 x 21 inches.  Signed and dated 1846, lower center. JASPER FRANCIS CROPSEY (1823–1900) In The Berkshires, 1880.  Oil on canvas, 10 1/4 x 81/4 inches.  Signed and dated 1880, lower right. Soren Emil Carlsen (1853–1932)Barnacled Rocks, 1920.  Oil on canvas board, 15 1/2 x 191/2 inches, Signed lower left.  Titled and dated 1920, verso. Alfred T.  Bricher (1837–1908),In the Adirondacks, 1865.  Oil on board, 9 x 19 inches.  Signed and dated 1865, lower left

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