Berkshire Museum to Sell More Art, And Search for New Director

  • The Last Arrow by Thomas Moran

    The Last Arrow by Thomas Moran

The embattled Berkshire Museum in Massachusetts has announced that more artworks will be sold from its collections.

Legal battles erupted over the museum's 2017 decision to sell artworks in order to bolster its endowment. So far, about $45 million has been raised by the Berkshire's art sales, including a beloved Norman Rockwell painting that went to the upcoming George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Los Angeles.

The museum’s Board of Trustees has decided to go ahead with another offering at Sotheby’s American Art auction on November 16th. Two works to be sold are Hunter in the Winter Wood, by George Henry Durrie, and The Last Arrow by Thomas Moran.

The museum statement reads: "These two works are part of the second group of works offered for sale under the April 5, 2018 Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court’s approval of the joint proposal of the Museum and the Office of the Attorney General (AGO). That agreement, approved by the SJC, authorized the sale of works to generate the $55 million the museum needs to create a sustainable endowment and fund needed renovations and repairs to the Museum’s more than 100-year-old building."

In addition, the executive search firm Brent D. Glass, LLC, will help identify candidates for the position of Executive Director of the museum. Dr. Glass is a Director Emeritus of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, which he led for nearly a decade. The Berkshire's former director, Van Shields, retired in June.

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