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Manuscript document showing John Hancock’s bold and familiar signature, executed Oct.  1, 1776, not long after the signing of the Declaration of Independence (est.  $8,000-$9,000).

University Archives online auction, August 28th

University Archives / August 28, 2019


A letter typed in English and signed by Albert Einstein in which he talks about his theory of universal gravitation, a document signed in 1776 by John Hancock having to do with taxation without representation, and a letter written and signed by Thomas Jefferson six weeks before his death are expected top lots in University Archives’ online auction, on Wednesday, August 28th. The auction will begin at 10:30 am Eastern time. Live bidding has already been posted online and bidding is available via LiveAuctioneers.com, Invaluable.com and Auctionzip.com. The auction is packed with historical documents, autographs and books, including a large science collection – 255 lots in all. Folks can visit the website, at www.UniversityArchives.com. “This scintillating sale includes a science grouping that’s sure to attract collectors and dealers like electrons to protons,” mused John Reznikoff, president and owner of University Archives. “The seismic collection of manuscripts, autographs and books document the history of science. The greatest geniuses from all of physics, chemistry, genetics, engineering, computing, medicine, psychology, aviation and space exploration are represented, from Albert Einstein, Antoine Henri Becquerel and Enrico Fermi to Gregor Mendel, Thomas Edison, Charles Babbage and others.” For more information about University Archives and the Wednesday, August 28th Internet-only auction, please visit www.universityarchives.com. For phone bidding, please call 800-237-5692.


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