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Susan T. Kurland & Nurit Avesar, "All the King's Men" at Shoebox Projects

Join us Sunday March 24, 3-6pm at Shoebox Projects for the closing reception of "All the King's Men", a collaborative project betweenLos Angeles artists Susan T. Kurland and Nurit Avesar.

This interactive exhibit deals with the enduring responsibility of our generation: facing the abuse of power and the sense of uneasiness that we all feel. We face a paradigm change within our government of an unapologetic abuse of power that has brought about transformations of laws and policies that many have grown to rely on. Those ideas will be presented through allegorical references to popular fables and anthropomorphic shapes.

The installation makes use of eggs for their symbolism and fragility. Issues such as the environment and human rights are tenuous. Once broken these matters cannot be returned to their original state. In our installation we endeavor to convey a message that we are all the king’s men; we are all the king’s people. We are all part of the solution.

Shoebox Projects
660 South Avenue 21 #3
Los Angeles, California

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