MARY JOSEPHINE WALTERS (1837 --- 1883) Autumn River with Punt in the Reeds.  Oil on canvas, 13 ¼ x 23 ¾ inches, Signed on stretcher

Soaring Sights: Luminous Landscapes by Female Hudson River School Painters (1825-1875)

Soaring Sights: Luminous Landscapes by Female Hudson River School Painters (1825-1875) continues the important scholarship begun in 2010 with the groundbreaking exhibition Remember the Ladies: Women Artists of the Hudson River School mounted at the Thomas Cole National Site. This exhibition--the first known to feature solely women artists of the 19th century landscape movement--sought to introduce female artists to the public and establish them as talents equal to their better-known contemporaries.

Soaring Sights shares these women artists' stories once again, demonstrating not only their mastery of their art, but also the extraordinary efforts required to achieve their skills and pursue their careers.

Hawthorne Fine Art is open by appointment in New York.

SHOWN: MARY JOSEPHINE WALTERS (1837 -1883) Autumn River with Punt in the Reeds. 
Oil on canvas, 13 ¼ x 23 ¾ inches, Signed on stretcher 

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