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Georgie Hopton, The Bonnie Lasses, 2015

Georgie Hopton: Within a Budding Grove

Lyndsey Ingram Gallery / February 27 - April 5, 2019 / London, United Kingdom


The phrase ‘cultivate your own garden’ takes on new meaning in the art of Georgie Hopton. The British artist treats her garden as a palette, growing abundant produce on the Upstate New York farm she shares with her husband, the painter Gary Hume, and using the fruits of her labour to create extraordinary monoprints and collages. Disrupting the traditional notion of the still-life, she selects flowers, fruit and vegetables from her garden, then divides them up and reincarnates them into new forms. The resulting work is both abstract and figurative, decorative and expressive, familiar and fantastical.

Lyndsey Ingram Gallery
20 Bourdon Street
London, United Kingdom

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