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Super set of mahogany library steps, circa 1820.

A Volume of Libraries - Annual Selling Exhibition

 ‘A Volume Libraries - An Open and Shut Case’ is the title of the Spring Exhibition of classic English antique furniture at W. R. Harvey & Co, the Witney antique dealers, from 16th – 31st March 2019. 

The exhibition will highlight the quintessentially “English Look” epitomized by the English Gentleman’s library of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. A unique collection of pieces from across the reigns of 11 monarchs will illustrate the huge range of exceptional pieces that were designed and made for the libraries of manor houses, London residences and stately homes from circa 1680 to circa 1850. 

Many of these examples have been thoroughly researched and will reveal little-known secrets that make them so interesting and desirable. The exhibition will be presented as a series of period room settings designed to emphasize the range of designs, colors, forms and uses of fine English furniture. A comprehensive catalogue will accompany the exhibition. 

David Harvey explains: ‘Harvey’s pioneered exhibitions of English library furniture more than 30 years ago, so I am delighted to be returning to the theme. This is a very exciting exhibition that brings together so many different elements of English furniture design from its most classic period. We look forward to welcoming collectors and anyone interested in examining and enjoying an often-neglected aspect of interior decoration that was once so important to the way we aspired to enjoy life.’ 

WR Harvey Antiques
86 Corn Street
Witney, United Kingdom

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