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Marguerite Zorach Blue Cinerarias 1936, oil on canvas, 46 x 38 inches (117 x 97 cm)


Samsøñ / June 19 - August 22, 2015 / Boston, Massachusetts


Samsøñ is proud to present an historic exhibition of works by the family of artists Marguerite Zorach, Dahlov Ipcar, & William Zorach, together in an exhibition for the 1st time. There is a breadth of medium on view with four oil paintings by Marguerite; ten oil paintings, four watercolors, and a tempera painting by Dahlov; and a watercolor, nine bronze multiples, and a carved mahogany sculpture by William. Several of the works represent distinguished accolades in the canon of American Art. Marguerite’s painting Blue Cinerarias, depicting Dahlov as a teenage girl, was exhibited in the Whitney Museum of American Art’s first annual exhibition in 1932; a series that would go on to form the Whitney Biennial. Marguerite painted her oil on canvas Aunt Mary Eliza portrait almost a decade after William completed his Aunt Mary Eliza watercolor. Mary Liza Myrick was, from all accounts, the first black female born in Washington County, Florida, after the Emancipation Proclamation.

Created between 1920 and 2013, the thirty artworks in this exhibition reflect the family’s European and American Modernist artistic influences, while highlighting a shared subjective interest drawn from their familial experiences as mother, father, and child. Marguerite and William worked side-by-side exploring similar styles, techniques and subjects. As their work gained exposure in New York, they became known as a team, the Zorachs: two artists who produced highly individual work as well as innovative collaborations. William and Marguerite’s works were included in the International Exhibition of Modern Art from 1913 also known as the Armory Show. Dahlov is a self-taught artist, having received no formal arts education, though the influences of her parents’ expressive use of color and design are clearly evident in her artwork.

Marguerite Zorach (b.1887 Santa Rosa, CA – d. 1968 Brooklyn, NY) and William Zorach (b.1887 Jurbarkas, Lithuania – d. 1966 Bath, ME) are best known for their major contributions to American Modernism. The two artists were a tour-de-force in the first half of the 20th century, championing the advancement of the avant-garde in New York City as it burgeoned into a global center for artistic production, presentation and critical theory. The two artists’ works are in the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY, NY), The Museum of Modern Art (NY, NY), the Whitney Museum of American Art (NY, NY), the Brooklyn Museum (Brooklyn, NY) and The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Dahlov Ipcar (b. 1917 Windsor, VT), Marguerite and William’s only daughter is a renowned painter, illustrator and author, who continues to produce artwork from her home in Georgetown, ME. She has authored and illustrated over 30 children’s books, penned four novels and has continually received recognition for her work as a painter. Her children’s books and novels are an excellent entry point to the unique imagery of her paintings that are easily identified by their highly stylized picture planes portraying animal and human figures through geometric abstractions and colorful palettes. Her work is included in the permanent collections of the Brooklyn Museum of Art (Brooklyn, NY), the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY, NY), the Whitney Museum of American Art (NY, NY) and the Portland Museum of Art (Portland, ME).

An illustrated catalog with an essay by Rachel Walls is available.

Many thanks to, Dahlov Ipcar, Robert Ipcar, Charles Ipcar, Peter Zorach, as well as Julie Jenks Zorach, for their unwavering support. The production of the show would not have been possible without the guidance of Rachel Walls. Thanks also to the Gerald Peters Gallery and the Frost Gully Gallery.

For further information email: samson@samsonprojects.com or call +1 617 357 7177

450 Harrison Avenue &/@ 29 Thayer Street
Boston, Massachusetts

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