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"Calligraphy in Couplet" by YY Ting, c.  1969.

The Art of YY Ting & Bada Shanren

Gianguan Auctions / January 24 - February 7, 2019 / New York , New York


A rare comparative exhibit of two artists who lived 500 years apart.

YY Ting (1902-1978) was sent to Japan at the age of 18 to study Western techniques. Once back in China and exposed to the work of Bada Shanren, YY Ting went on to evolve one-stroke painting.

Bada Shanren (1521-1527)  was the Ming Dynasty painter who originated naturalistic calligraphy and painting. He is the accepted father of modern Chinese art. 

"The Art of YY Ting & Bada Shanren" marks the 40th anniversary of YY Ting's passing. 

Gianguan Auctions Gallery
39 W. 56th Street
New York , New York

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