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Fine Art Leads Best Ever January at Clarke.

  • December 11, 2013 13:10

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Picasso Madura. "Bearded Man's Wife." Est. 25/35,000 USD.
Clarke Auction.

     The New Year at Clarke Auction will start, perhaps stronger than ever before, with a demonstration of their resolution for consistent excellence in 2014.

     The fine art selection for Clarke’s January 5th sale already boasts some unbelievable pieces that will propel Clarke into 2014 with fantastic appeal including a massive work by Walasse Ting,  an important gouache by Emil Schumacher, an oil on masonite of stellar execution by Ettore Caser, and a multitude of fine works from a magnificent and large Hartford, Connecticut estate.

     The prominent abstract acrylic on canvas by Chinese artist Walasse Ting is the featured item in the fine art selection so far. The appropriately titled “Floating Flowers” uses the dichotomy of bare canvas and wide areas of acrylic impasto to literally raise the abstracted flowers off the canvas face. The bright and entrancing coloration of the work is stunningly mesmerizing. Both abstract and emotionally serene, the technique is highly effective in captivating its audience.

     The work has been in the collection of a single owner who purchased it directly from Lefebre Gallery in New York City in the 1970s.  Ting is primarily known as an artist, but he is also an admired poet. Many critically acclaimed artworks produced by Ting are visually representative of his poetic nature. “Floating Flowers” should be one of the most popular paintings at Clarke in the upcoming year.

     From the same New York City collector, another abstract piece by Emil Schumacher is featured. Also dated 1968, and from Lefebre Gallery where Schumacher’s Minneapolis Suite was exhibited, the gouache entitled “Minneapolis Suite #10” is another lot that the market will have their eyes on.

     The Schumacher, to be auctioned January 5th at Clarke, continues the progression of the artist’s representation of German post-war abstract impressionism.  Unlike the colorful abstraction of Ting, Schumacher’s work shows a double diamond design on a singularly blue background with intentional creases to the paper support. The creases create texture that provides depth and dimension. The fade of blues through the use of creasing and lift develops a creative balance to the work. On the outer edges of the piece, subtle areas of purple- red provide just the right amount of contract and blend to create a wholly seductive work of art.


     Another predominant artist at Clarke for the New Year is Ettore Caser. The 20th century oil on masonite of nudes opposes the abstraction of the other big names in the sale, but still represents an important and beautiful genre and style.

     Caser’s work to be sold at Clarke on January 5th is incredibly juxtaposed, proving brilliant color through a muted palette. The use of light on the figures and scene provide a realistic, yet dream-like, essence to the work. It provokes emotion through the language of the figures, and also creates a scene which seems both modern and of antiquity. The early 20th century painting is representative of a lineage of classical figures, but stylistically Caser is unmatched at his own game.

TING, Walasse. "Floating Flowers." Est. 40/60,000 USD.
Clarke Auction

     20th century art in design is also featured on January 5th in many ways, most notable through three Picasso Madura ceramic jugs.  The large earthenware pitcher entitled “Bearded Man’s Wife,” is the primary Picasso lot in the sale. The two additional standalone pieces by Picasso are the “Wood-Owl” vase and the “Heads” pitcher. All are remarkable examples of Picasso’s ceramic design and only provide more depth to the already exceptional January sale at Clarke.

     While the auction is still being finalized, there are many other items, including a plethora of exquisite prints to be added to the catalog. Already included are a pair of pen signed Chagall posters, a lithograph by Kees Van Dongen, a 1942 portrait by Josef Scharl, and numerous French lithograph posters.

     Many of the items of note are estate-fresh from an incredible twelve thousand square foot collector’s home in Hartford , CT.  Paintings from the estate include works by Eugene Barthelon, Wesley Webber, Marshall Johnson, Lemuel Eldred, and others.  All selected paintings and decorative art pieces will be viewable in the coming weeks in the Clarke Auction online catalog, leading to the incredible start of the year sale on January 5th at 12pm EST.

SCHUMACHER, Emil. "Minneapolis Suite #10." Est. 15/25,000 USD.
Clarke Auction

For more information regarding any of the works listed, or to view all additional items, please visit, or call the gallery at 914 833 8336.  The online catalog is updated daily and available for view 24/7.  The non-art items from the important Hartford, CT estate will also be featured in an article to be released in the next week.  


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