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Warren Payne, with his wife, Julie, is a private dealer in Louisville. The couple have curated several exhibitions over two decades; have produced six catalogs and a book, “Clear as Mud: Early 20th Century Kentucky Art Pottery”; and worked on E.C. Pennington’s “Kentucky: The Master Painters.”

Here's the latest news from Warren & Julie Payne, fine art, an online gallery based in Louisville, Kentucky. In addition to our seasonal exhibition, we link you to special events of interest to our regional collectors and to print and online resources.

Charles Bullet: Visions of Kentucky and Florida

  • Charles Bullet Ohio River Valley watercolor.

    Charles Bullet Ohio River Valley watercolor.

    Warren & Julie Payne, fine art

Charles Bullet, an Ohio Valley School artist, was born in Cincinnati in 1860 but lived much of his life across the Ohio River in Campbell County, Kentucky.  He was a winter resident of the Fort Myers, Florida, area and is as well-known for his early Florida paintings as for his work along the Ohio in Kentucky and Indiana.


His father, Charles Bullett (the son dropped the last “t”), was a sculptor and stoneworker who worked in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati but eventually moved the family to Louisville, Kentucky, where he was  a partner in Muldoon, Bullett & Co. (the enterprise still exists as Muldoon Memorials). The father worked on the Kentucky State Capitol and is represented by portrait sculpture in the Cincinnati Art Museum and the J. B. Speed Art Museum in Louisville.

Bullet died in 1927. 

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