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20th Century by HKFA

Heather Karlie Vieira

I'm an antiques dealer for this generation and the next. Being part of the history of works of art as they pass through hands and through time is an honor.

Spring has Sprung!

Published: March 14, 2012 11:19 Last Updated: May 27, 2014 23:12
  • the kids and me in Winter...  can't wait for Spring!

    the kids and me in Winter... can't wait for Spring!

20th Century Traditions.  It's more than a blog.  It's an idea.  A blending of what is to come with the foundation of what has been built.  It's a starting point from which to re-invent.  It's the embodiment of Spring.  It's the beginning of my newest venture.  A store in Philadelphia.


Philly was my home for many years before moving to New York City.  It's wonderful to go home again.  People always say that it can't be done, but that is because they are expecting to see what they knew.  I am expecting to see the rebirth of the city, the renewal of the neighborhoods and the regrowth all around.  Fishtown is a blossoming neighborhood with world class restauranteurs opening new concepts, specialty motorcycle shops, high-end beauty and tattoo salons, coffee shops and most importantly antique shops.  This is where I have chosen to plant Spring time roots.


With the help and guidance of my Dad, this long time dream is becoming a reality.  He's the one who gave me the 'antique bug' back when I was a kid.  A lot of early mornings spent at flea markets in Pennsylvania - the egg sandwiches and donuts were my first reason for going and then I started to understand more about the business.  It is really fun!  Sure, you're up early and working hard all day, but you are doing it all for you.  And that is the best.  And now, I'll be doing it all in my own store.  I've visualized my inventory in the store a million ways and each time it looks better than the last.  This is a renaissance of sorts.  The same me in a new place.  So maybe it makes me a new me?


Sure, I'm well represented online with 1stdibs and all of the social networking and I have a boutique at Center 44 in New York City, but now I'll have a place to hang my hat.  The store has big windows facing the street and is just the right size to hold my ever changing inventory.  The idea is this: a well curated art collection will be stored in a custom made rack near my office.  Here I'll have the ability to show the paintings to my clients in a semi-private setting.  The furniture, furnishings, lighting and so on will be in the front near the windows.  With plenty of space to display everything, this store will really fit the bill.


And then there's the shopping.  New sources to discover, new markets and new shops.  Fresh eyes in a new location.  I have the feeling that I'll be buying a lot in Philly for both my new store and for my boutique at Center 44.  And there's the customers.  The locals who are walking past the shop, the other dealers who make me part of their route and those who may travel from other places.  Funny thing is this: I see plenty of New York license plates in this particular neighborhood.  This is a real estate hot spot and there's a ton of new investment going on here.  Could be a great place for me to grow both locations.


And while all of this is in the works, I'm preparing for the Pier Show this weekend.  Another rebirth of sorts.  This Pier Show will see my inventory presented in a new way with a new enthusiasm.  That's what Spring does.  It makes everything look new again.

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