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Nazmiyal Collection is the world’s source for antique rugs and decorative carpets. Since 1980 Nazmiyal has supplied some of the top interior designers, vendors, auction houses, museums and collectors across the globe.

10 Beautiful Interior design Images and the Antique Rugs to Recreate Them | Nazmiyal

  • Minimalist Chinese Rug Interior

    Minimalist Chinese Rug Interior

  • Kitchen with Tribal Runner Rug

    Kitchen with Tribal Runner Rug

  • Persian Carpet Interior with Pops of Color

    Persian Carpet Interior with Pops of Color

1. Minimalist Chinese Rug Interior

This gorgeous design balances an antique Chinese carpet with contemporary, minimalist design details that let the architecture of this room shine. To achieve this look, pair sophisticated neutral furniture and white walls with one of Nazmiyal’s beautiful antique Chinese carpets:

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2. Kitchen with Tribal Runner Rug

Warm up your kitchen space by swapping your sink mat for a colorful Tribal runner rug. Adding a carpet to your kitchen adds depth and interest to an often overlooked space. Try these beautiful runner rugs from Nazmiyal:

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3. Persian Carpet Interior with Pops of Color

Persian carpets in deep shades of burgundy and navy get an unexpected update from modern pops of color in this room’s accent pieces. If your carpet is red, stick to bright warm tones like magenta and orange, and if your carpet is a cool color like navy or forest green, try tropical teals and lime green for a surprisingly contemporary look.

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4. Tranquil Scandinavian Rug Interior

Add a sense of Après-ski chic to your home with vintage Scandinavian carpets from the mid 20th century. Light wooden furniture and metallic accents add a touch of glamour to this rustic look. Try these Scandinavian rugs from Nazmiyal to achieve the effect in your own home:

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5. Layered Throw Rugs Interior

Layering small rugs adds a unique and cozy touch to this bedroom. The placement of the throw rugs and the mix of patterns are completely up to you, making this look completely customizable! Keep the rest of the room’s accents clean and simple to keep the space from feeling cluttered. Try these tribal scatter-sized rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection:

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