Steamboat Models -The Rare Investment

Rex Stewart

Rex Stewart is a professional artist and craftsman that specialize in rare wood collectibles that reflect the American maritime with timeless subjects in various genres such as shadowboxes, dioramas, miniatures, woodsculptures, shipmodels and fine paintings. Forty years experience has given him national and international acclaim.

The Hudson River steamboat model and other such works are highly sought after in the collectible market, primarily because of its rarity. Very few collectibles in this genre exist and there is a place where they can be realized and collected to enhance the Bard paintings that are now favored in the maritime.

Investing in the model steamboat of the 19th Century - A Rare Collectible

  • The mid-section of steamboat MARY POWELL c.1887 -Collector's Model

    The mid-section of steamboat MARY POWELL c.1887 -Collector's Model

    Rex Stewart

  • Lake George steamboat TICONDEROGA c.1884 -Scale Model / Collectible

    Lake George steamboat TICONDEROGA c.1884 -Scale Model / Collectible

    Rex Stewart

  • Steamboat NANTUCKET c.1895, Collectible Wood Model

    Steamboat NANTUCKET c.1895, Collectible Wood Model

    Rex Stewart

Fall River Line models are extremely attractive and worthy of exhibition anywhere. As a collectible their value rarely diminish as I've recently discovered. The next area of interest in New England would be the island steamers that operated around Cape Cod between Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. These are beautiful one of a kind pieces that are rarely seen in today's market. Once they are on the circuit for auction they are gathered up quickly; inpart, because of their rarity and collectible status.

The Northeast carried an extensive line of steamboats of various types. Collectors have searched for them, but many are not to be found as models. There has't been enough hands-on knowledge in this market for contemporary builders to design plans of these magnificent boats. However, with the trend of Bard and Jacobsen paintings croping up on the auction blocks, one would imagine a steamboat model would be there as well. Hardly.

There has been many queries about these vessels and even to the extent that some companies make kits. What models do exist are in museums and private collections; but rarely are any produced in the maritime.

Today, there does exist a business that produces beautiful one-of-a-kind steamboat models that relish the era of America's Industrial Age. This business researches each and every subject with scrutiny to bring to the collector a work that's above board relative to detail and quality. These are rare and it's likely that there won't be much success copying them, which brings added security to the buyer. Bard paintings or the works of Antonio Jacobsen should be complimented and/or accented with this kind of model.

To view more about them please visit http:/ . There, models of all types reflective of the steamboat era can be found, even those of the famed Hudson River Day Line.

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