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For over 20 years I have offered professional fine art planning, acquisition, exhibition, and advisory services. I have provided fine art consultation to major corporations, healthcare facilities, law firms, architects, designers, developers and private collectors. Please visit my website at www.dechantart.com.

DeChant Art, LLC is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality in art consulting and representation. I strive to assist clients in building an art collection that is both tasteful and of value. While helping clients build their art collections I have researched a number of artists based in the United States and internationally.

Don Iannone

  • Golden Sunset

    Golden Sunset

  • Sunset Glide

    Sunset Glide

After more than 35 years in the economic and community development field, Don Iannone has mounted the creative path as a practicing artist and author.

Don’s educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Anthropology, and graduate studies in Organizational Behavior and Economic Development. Very recently, he completed a Master of Arts Degree in Consciousness Studies, with a concentration in how our consciousness gives rise to art, and how art shapes our consciousness of the world.

Don is a fine arts photographer living in Bratenahl, Ohio. His niche is using photography as a source of insight, contemplation, inspiration, and healing for people, communities, and organizations.

Don has authored two books of poetry and two books combining his poetry and photography. He is working on two new combined photography-poetry books, which will be published later in 2011. Many of Don’s photographs have been exhibited in Greater Cleveland hospitals and organizations, and displayed on a wide variety of organizational and artistic websites. His photographic work has been used by creative art therapists in the hospice, healthcare, and mental health fields.

Don is available for lectures and workshops on his photography. Also, his photographs are available for public and private exhibitions.

Learn more about Don’s photography on these websites:

• Flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/don-iannone

• Wisdom Workers: http://www.wisdomwork.net

• Visual Advantage Photoblog: http://doniannonephoto.wordpress.com

• Visual Advantage Photography: http://visualadvantagephoto.com

Don Iannone’s Contact Information

Don Iannone Photography
Two Bratenahl Place
Suite 14D
Bratenahl, Ohio 44108

Phone: 440.668.1686
Email: diannone@ix.netcom.com

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