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Rex Stewart

Rex Stewart is a professional artist and craftsman that specialize in rare wood collectibles that reflect the American maritime with timeless subjects in various genres such as shadowboxes, dioramas, miniatures, woodsculptures, shipmodels and fine paintings. Forty years experience has given him national and international acclaim.

The Hudson River steamboat model and other such works are highly sought after in the collectible market, primarily because of its rarity. Very few collectibles in this genre exist and there is a place where they can be realized and collected to enhance the Bard paintings that are now favored in the maritime.

Artist To Artist Interview...The why of becoming an artist

  • Pencil portrait titled "Gentile's Daughter" ...a colored pencil drawing on parchment paper.

    Pencil portrait titled "Gentile's Daughter" ...a colored pencil drawing on parchment paper.


  • "Incident At Hamilton Street, Albany NY" ...colored pencil drawing on parchment paper.

    "Incident At Hamilton Street, Albany NY" ...colored pencil drawing on parchment paper.


  • "Portrait of Clare"...pencil on vellum paper.

    "Portrait of Clare"...pencil on vellum paper.


For nearly fifty years, my mind and hands raced to create pieces that stirred the imagination of my viewers. It was never an accident that the skills I possessed were given to gloat over what I could or could not do; but to find clarity in this strange journey while creating subject matter that brought about the quest of -why?

Every artist has a story or account relative to their existance. No two paths are alike. And yet, in the journey that's taken, there seem to be explosive egos that dictate the formalities of the creator. I found this to be perplexed during my early years because the support was limited...but as I matured, I learned that art was, and is, an education of the mind to view life and its impurities -bringing out the 'hidden treasures' from that experience. I also learned that true artists are always scrutinized and criticized for their excellence -coupled with the powers that be to chase them away from their calling.

Fifty years has given me the opportunity to encounter the strange world of fine art. It is a confused, perplexed entity of sorts -but a world that can be just as whimsical as it is prosperous, given the right set of circumstances to carry on.

Each of us has a purpose in this life, and it is in that purpose we 'shine' once we can identify with the purpose. "Artist To Artist Interview...The why of becoming an artist" gives this account. For further reading visit

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