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Clarke Auction of Larchmont, NY, Westchester's Premier Auction, conducts monthly catalogued sales featuring distinctive fine and decorative arts, antiques, exceptional furniture, oriental rugs, sterling silver and midcentury modern. For further information, please contact us at (914)833-8336 or

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Furniture Friendships : A Midcentury Hangout at Clarke Auction.

  • Nakashima Conoid Table

    Nakashima Conoid Table

    Keane Ryan

  • Paul Evans Cityscape Console

    Paul Evans Cityscape Console

    Clarke Auction

  • Unusual Karl Springer Coffee Table

    Unusual Karl Springer Coffee Table

    Keane Ryan

Springer. Tiffany. Evans. Nakashima.

What may sound like a Sunday night baseball lineup is actually more of a midcentury social gathering in Larchmont, NY's Clarke Auction. All of these makers of exceptional furniture and lighting come together at Clarke's upcoming Sunday, September 30th sale to make up an eclectic cast of characters.

Nakashima, the creative genius and humble guru of the midcentury social club, brings the natural energy of his Conoid the table. The Conoid's arborous style, however, proves to be a point of personality conflict with the industrialist of the group, Paul Evans' Cityscape Console. They really shouldn't be close, but you know what they say, "opposites attract."

If Nakashima's Conoid Table is smooth jazz then Paul Evan's Cityscape Console is disco. The mellow notes of the table oppose the Cityscape console's steel platform shoe demeanor, and the 'straight from the forest' look of Nakashima definitely does not match the 'straight from the dance floor' attitude that Evans' Cityscape design projects. They may seem worlds apart, but their shared meticulous craftsmanship makes for a most harmonious relationship.

Whenever personalities clash, there is almost always a need for a moderator. The Tiffany Acorn Pattern Lamp Shade, at Clarke's upcoming September 30th auction, is that moderator. The Tiffany Shade keeps the peace and balances nature with industry. Showing an affinity to nature with its green and leafy designs, the Tiffany Shade also exemplifies the secret tattoo rebelliousness with its leaded glass construction.  It goes to show that a little balance and a lot of style goes a long way between friends.

In all the differences among the pieces, they can still all agree on the importance of independent spirit, and thus look to Karl Springer for solidarity.  Karl Springer's lots in the upcoming auction are a great addition to an otherwise slanted Sunday night gathering.

No one can deny the gang strength of Springer in September. Springer holds the majority of in the midcentury selection. An Aztec desk, a  brass and steel pedestal, a bone inlaid desk lamp, a pair of snake skin end tables, a bone inlaid mirror, a unique coffee table, a bone and shark skin box, and a two tone beveled mirror console are just a few of the rowdy bunch in the midcentury selection by Springer.

Come Sunday, September 30th, Clarke Auction brings all these characters together in what will surely be an entertaining sale. This midcentury group of marauders will bring a strong showing, and provide great company for all. And if you don't associate with the midcentury members, there are over 300 lots of exquisite sterling silver, porcelain, furniture, jewelry,  fine art, sculpture, and more with which you can surround yourself.  There is a wide range of estimates at auction, so who ever said you can't buy your friends?











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