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Robin Wethe Altman

The Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach helped me with a scholarship to Principia College. My Art professor in college was James Green who studied with the California Regionalists in the 40s. I've learned how to market my artwork. I love the freedom of diversity.

This blog is about the thoughts and feelings that I have related to creating the art that I do. I share my process, problems, inspirations and victories. I am a professional artist in Southern California and my partner is a professional electric violinist. We are in our 50's and are loving life!

Emotions Are Indicators

  • Heisler Park

    Heisler Park

    Watercolor Painting 25" x 40" by Robin Wethe Altman

Artists are capable of intense emotions. That's something I've had to navigate in life over and over. They say the "sensitive" in a herd of animals is the one who senses danger first and alerts the rest which is a good thing, but high sensitivity can also drive a person completely insane. What I finally learned to do after many years of suffering is, yes... be aware of my emotions because they inform me. I don't suppress emotion, but I let it serve as guidance. I'm careful to not indulge in negative thoughts for too long though, because that habbit almost destroyed my life at one time. When I feel angry, guilty or hurt now, I let that alert me to first "pay attention" to what I'm feeling because something is not right. At those times I need to make adjustments in some way either with what I'm doing or how I'm thinking or both. I try to assess promptly what needs changing and then get back to gratitude and focusing on the DESIRED OUTCOME, because my focus tends to create what eventually happens. "Thoughts become things". My focus is what will make me happy or not. Esther Hick's book,  "The Astonishing Power of Your Emotions" changed my life 180 degrees for the better on this subject! Now I know how to steer my way in the the game of life.. when to stop, when to back up and which way to go. You do have to take time to listen however because that inner voice can be quiet. I don't always achieve my desired outcomes, but happiness is almost always within reach.

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