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We feature American paintings and works on paper from the 1920s to the 1950s with special interest in the Urban/Industrial Scene, Modernism, Atelier 17, Surrealism, and African American work.

The Art of the Card, Holiday Designs by Artists

  • Dorothy Dehner, Skating, 1953

    Dorothy Dehner, Skating, 1953

  • Fannie Hillsmith, (Blue Ornament, or Blue Snowman), about 1950.

    Fannie Hillsmith, (Blue Ornament, or Blue Snowman), about 1950.

November 23 through February 5, 2017

The Art of the Card, Holiday Designs by Artists

Allentown Art Museum

Works by Dorothy Dehner, Sue Fuller, Wanda Gág, Stanley William Hayter, Fannie Hillsmith, Alicia Legg, and Betty Waldo Parish, are on view in The Art of the Card, Holiday Designs by Artists, at the Allentown Art Museum, through February 5, 2017. It’s a wonderful show.

In an exhibition heavy on Atelier 17 inspired works (Hayter was a strong advocate of this tradition) the Hillsmiths are downright delightful!

Dehner's Skating (and three or four other seasonal titles), is an engraving printed in red. It looks great in the show with the Hayter's and prints by Atelier 17's master printer Sue Fuller.

DorothyDehner, SueFuller, WandaGág, StanleyWilliamHayter, FannieHillsmith, AliciaLegg, BettyWaldoParish


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