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For over 20 years I have offered professional fine art planning, acquisition, exhibition, and advisory services. I have provided fine art consultation to major corporations, healthcare facilities, law firms, architects, designers, developers and private collectors. Please visit my website at www.dechantart.com.

DeChant Art, LLC is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality in art consulting and representation. I strive to assist clients in building an art collection that is both tasteful and of value. While helping clients build their art collections I have researched a number of artists based in the United States and internationally.

Charlotte Lees

  • River’s Edge, 48x96x4″, wood, paint

    River’s Edge, 48x96x4″, wood, paint


  • Vases Wood, paint transfers, mesh “35 x 11 x 2 “ $995.00

    Vases Charlotte Lees works with layering of materials such as in this artwork, Vases. Paint transfers were used for the vase images, wood carvings to create shadow and depth and paint and mesh for texture.

  • Woodland Nymphs I Wood, paint.  bark 60x16x2″ $2900

    Her abstract work is imaginative and whimsical. She has a talent for taking everyday object and creating them into something extraordinary. In her piece “Woodland Nymphs” you can see how she used the leaf shape as her foundation, creating flow and mov

Using nature as my springboard, I create optimistic, energetic and playful images. Content is of primary importance in my work. Most recently I have used the “leaf shape” as my sculptural foundation. Layering and adding a variety of materials helps embellish and define my carved wood sculptures.

Working in a variety of materials (bronze, stone, stainless steel and wood), I am not restricted to just one process. This gives me the freedom to explore exciting combinations while creating my sculptures. I am constantly expanding my artistic vocabulary and look forward to the challenges of developing new sculptural images.

I have successfully completed many public and private art commissions, as well as community service projects. Working with a committee and the energy created by the exchange of ideas is a process I enjoy and excel at.

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