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Jean Dixon Sanders has been a painter and graphic designer for 30 years. A graduate of Washington College, where she majored in fine art, She lives in Florida. She contributes several weekly illustrations to The Chestertown Spy. Her blog, Fine Art Daily, can be seen at

Every day I try to paint & share a bit of my world & work. This is life with Best Beloved, the Pouting Princess, Tall Boy, cats, the weedy garden and the dust bunny-ridden house. I also offer friendly and professional illustration & design services. Please email me at Visit, too!

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Fine Art Daily, Monty, Buckingham Palace Garden Party

Fine Art Daily, May 13, 2011

Posted: May 13, 2011 03:49

Good morning, all. Monty here. We are settling back into our normal routine of state visits, OBE ceremonies, thinking about the Royal Chelsea Flower Show, Ascot and Garden Parties. HM loves the annual flower show because she gets a sneak peek before all the people rush in crowding and pushing. I am more partial to the garden parties ...because of all the food that inevitably comes my way. Gravity is a dog's best friend. This is a snap of HM and me taken last year as we waited our turn at the Buckingham Palace Ice Cream Van. I kid you not. Wills even managed to have use of it at...

Fine Art Daily, London flower stall, irises

Fine Art Daily, May 12, 2011

Posted: May 12, 2011 05:06

May 12, 2011 Miss Morning Glory can grow irises in Florida, but I can't. I have to be content with my ongoing hydrangea experiment. If I was a wandering hiker in Scotland right now I would be enthralled by the magic that comes with bluebells, which have been duly noted by our intrepid Highlanders stalking the Great Glen Way. And if I were in London I would be joining the scrum of garden folks, queuing up for tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show. Sigh.

Fine Art Daily, pansies and geraniums

Fine Art Daily, May 11, 2011

Posted: May 11, 2011 05:12

May 11, 2011 It is starting to heat up here, and some of the spring flowers are gasping for coolth. The pansies incinerated a few weeks ago. We had a cheerful purple-y display near the front door in a chartreuse trapezoid of a pot. This morning I noticed that the petunia that I was ready to toss had put out two more brave pink trumpets. I'll stick it in the shade with the orchids, which are just going to town with exuberance. I guess I finally hit upon the right mix of shade, watering and benign neglect. Two of the orchids are from my cubicle days and were used to arctic blasts of...

Fine Art Daily, London flower stall

Fine Art Daily, May 10, 2011

Posted: May 10, 2011 05:39

May 10, 2011 It's Spring with many blooming flowers. In my garden here in oh-so-warm-already Florida the hydrangeas soldier on bravely with their companion penta, vinca and something blue and spikey (I'll have to ask Miss Morning Glory what they are called)along with the bougainvillea (which have just been spectacular this year) and the oleanders. The container garden is a riot of blues and pinks - for once the lobilia have not burned to a crisp! The nasturtium are toast, however, and I really need to cut them back. The Evil Roxanne and Thuggie Hoover know that they are in for a...

Fine Art Daily, London flower stall

Fine Art Daily, May 9, 2011

Posted: May 10, 2011 05:31

May 9, 2011 And a happy Monday to everyone! Here are some beauteous hydrangeas I found in a London flower stall. As you might have discovered by now, London is my drug of choice. My little four-legged friend Monty, who gave us all that delicious insider info on the wedding, says that the palace gardens are just awash with fragrant and blowsy blooms right now, an unusual moment in a royal flower bed which tends to be regulated and well-weeded. Those hydrangeas have mop-top minds of their own. The hydrangeas that I have been nurturing in my sad little Sewall's Point garden are...

Fine Art Daily, Royal Wedding , corgi, Shortbread recipe

Fine Art Daily, May 6, 2011

Posted: May 06, 2011 06:35

May 6, 2011 Monty here. POW is MIA. Actually, he is on walkabout Stateside, so Jean asked me to step in again. I am upstairs, as you can see. HM and I are having a Royal Taste Test: Jean's tasty, buttery, crumbly sweetum Shortbread Bikkies vs. POW's Duchy Original Organic Shortbread. (Just because Camilla went on Eastenders and shilled for him does not mean they are a tasty bikky...) We even had to send a lady-in-waiting out to Waitrose to buy a packet of the Duchy Originals - wouldn't you think there would be some in the kitchen? Cook was very obliging and outdid herself, we think,...


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