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  • April 03, 2019

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Sarah Svetlana, "Tell Laura I'll Call Her Back," 2019

Artspace Warehouse is pleased to announce upcoming exhibition Factual Adaptation,  featuring artists Fredi Gertsch, Mauro Oliveira, Alex L. Reagan, Sarah Svetlana, Laura Schuler.


All artists featured in this exhibition create their own rules and bend our perception of reality. Whether they are creating their own fate or creating an alternate world to inhabit, these artists are making their dreams real and inviting us along for the journey.  Several artists explore finding someplace to call “home” and feeling like an outsider in their environment.  Though Fredi Gertsch and Alex L. Reagan have representational elements to their work, all artists are painting abstractly whether it be in technique or thought.


Born in Switzerland in 1952, Fredi Gertsch has been a competitive swimmer, sports teacher, computer engineer, and a father of three boys. Unlike his kids, his sketches, goodnight stories and daydreams of the past have never quite grown up. Today Gertsch trains his inexhaustible imagination in the studio, inventing new stories on canvas daily. He has no limits, but the most common theme in his work is always ​​that of the cow.


Mauro Oliveira was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and raised on the outskirts under extreme poverty.  He grew up with 6 siblings in poverty with no running water or electricity. After both of his parents died in their 30s, Oliveira was sent to live in a military state-run orphanage.  When he was nine-years-old he developed a relationship with a woman who visited the orphanage looking to adopt.  She adopted another child, but told him that if he stayed out of trouble and worked hard he would make it to the US one day.  At 10-years-old he took advantage of the free tin piggy banks given by banks and encouraged other kids to paint them with him in order to sell at a weekend art fair in Sao Paulo. Thousands of these painted piggy banks were sold.


Alex Reagan is an emerging artist and eco fashion designer based in Venice, California. Self-taught, Alex Reagan spent his formative years in Aspen, Colorado, experimenting with materials in his makeshift home studio. Reagan is known for his improvised approach to art that is driven by a strong vision and spontaneous journey. Heavily influenced by contemporary street art – as well as his creative heroes Jean-Michel Basquiat and Robert Rauschenberg – Reagan has gravitated towards large scale multi-media compositions, often incorporating print and textual elements.


Sarah Svetlana is a Los Angeles based artist who, as a painter, explores the fragmentation of the subject in an ongoing search for home. An agency model, turned art model, Svetlana used her body as the first medium in her initial search for identity and self-expression—her upbringing in the irreconcilable cultures of Soviet Belarus and Immigrant America, has drawn and painted roadmaps between two worlds.


Laura Schuler is a mixed media artist living and working in the Hermosa Beach area of Los Angeles, California. Her style of art represents an expression of movement and energy that incorporates layers of acrylic paint intersecting with spray paint. She works hard to manipulate acrylic paint in innovate ways to create lightness in layers and odes to other media. Through the layering and movement within each of her artworks, her style can often resemble underwater seascapes. Schuler continuously experiments with colors and shapes that highlight negative space. Her marks capture her highly gestural process of paintings that harness iterative physicality and flow.


Factual Adaptation will open on April 27, 2019 and will close on May 31, 2019. 

For more information please visit www.artspacewarehouse.com or email info@artspacewarehouse.com.


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