Findlay Galleries Presents Mary Sipp Green - The Mystical Now, An Exhibition Dedicated to the Late Sister Wendy Beckett (1930 - 2018)

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  • December 09, 2020

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Mary Sipp Green | Salt Meadow - Menemsha | oil on linen | 38 x 46 in. | FG© 139872
Findlay Galleries
Mary Sipp Green | In Tisbury at Twilight | oil on linen | 36 x 50 in. | FG© 139870
Findlay Galleries

Findlay Galleries is pleased to announce the opening of The Mystical Now on Tuesday, December 15th, at Findlay Galleries, New York. This exhibition is dedicated to the late Sister Wendy Beckett, a British religious sister and world-renowned art historian who was a close friend to Mary Sipp Green and an avid supporter of her work throughout her career.

"You have a gentle poetry that comes from within, as though you are really concerned more with the 'spirit' of a place than it's full materiality, even though you clearly recognize that reality as being the only 'way in' But you do go in, and you take us with you: that's a joy" Sister Wendy Beckett – a Letter to Mary Sipp Green (February, 1990)

More about the artist: Mary Sipp Green

At the beginning of her artistic career, she learned her craft in the studio, painting still-lifes and portraits, and landscapes drawn directly from nature. Mary says, "I painted things as I saw them...very recognizable, very realistic…" Over time, she became increasingly engaged with the more abstract and spiritual aspects of landscape form. Mary says, "I felt there was more to say about something than its surface reality…I wanted to get more from a painting, and I wanted to go deeper. I was searching for a new direction."

Mary Sipp Green | End of Day on Martha's Vineyard | oil on linen | 52 x 52 in. | FG© 138575
Findlay Galleries

Mary describes a day sometime in 1990 when she found that direction. She found herself once again, "walking a familiar meadow, a green field with a gray barn. That particular day, the field turned golden, with the flowering goldenrod, and in the light, the barn became purple." From this experience, her unique luminist approach to landscape emerged. Her trademark skies, with their layers of color that have a perception beyond the merely visible, came to life. Mary excels at depicting the land around her and revealing the most bespoke moments in time with her contemporary balance of expression and form. It is not the tangible qualities that are highlighted in her paintings; it is the softly washed memories of a place.

For the past several decade’s Mary Sipp Green has found her home and studio in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts, and Findlay Galleries is pleased to have represented this exceptional landscape painter in our stable of contemporary artists since 2005.



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