Bernard Stanley Hoyes releases New Etchings

  • Bernard Hoyes, Blowin' Rags, Etching, 6x9" image size, edition 10, AP 5

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    Hand Pulled by Printmaker Bernard Hoyes at Kensington Press, job Case #2

  • Bernard Hoyes, Etching, image 6"x9" on 10"x14"Arches

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    Bernard Hoyes, Printed at Kensington Press, Jobcase#2

Exclusive offer: “Blowin’ Rags” An innovative Etching process, by BERNARD STANLEY HOYES, 6”x 9” image size, on Arches Paper, 10”x14" 

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Dear Collector As an established Painter, Printmaker, and Publisher Contemporary Intuitive Artist Bernard Hoyes has announced a special offering of one of his recent Etchings. Over the past forty years, Hoyes has produced Art that lends itself to the subtle differences of the Etching Medium.

Since 1992, Hoyes adopted this medium as a means of expression, for its details, its intimacy and craftsmanship. The deliberate implied rhythmic lines and tonal gestures of The Revival Series (for which he is well known) have found new life.

The mediums fluidity, intimate scale, and delicate calligraphic lines has becomes a personal kind of gesture, like a private note or letter evoking different emotional textures. A body of work like the Rag Series, with its imperfect lines with rich textures and nuanced tonalities, has found new terrain.

For years Hoyes struggled with the medium, because of hypersensitivity to the acids used. Replacing the toxic acids became the concern. Instead of toxic acids, a 12-volt battery or charger, and salt & water are utilized. A positive current is passed thru a traditionally prepared plate while it’s submerged in water, causing a chemical reaction. As salt water is pored over the plate, the chemical reaction that occurs creates a simple acid. The acid etches the exposed lines or areas and the traditional printing process is resumed. Different techniques are incorporated in this Etching series, dry point, cross-hatched lines and aquatint.

This offering of “Blowin’ Rags” is an example resulting from this innovative process. The composition entwines the continuity of African music to the Jazz idiom. The tex-tured connection, the emotional fabric of a musical consequence, is represented via this Image and re-frames the original concept of the Rag Series, first shown in the 70’s Blowin’ Rags” an original image, evokes and renders the original mono print technique used to create the Rag Series. Now, an edition of 10 Prints, with 5 Artist Proof’s and 5 Printers Proofs, are being offered. To order go to;  discount coupon code: ETCHING Printed at KENSINGTON PRESS, JOB Case#2
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