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  • Gustav Klimt Autograph Quotation, 1913

    Gustav Klimt Autograph Quotation, 1913

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  • Mohandis K.  Gandhi Signed Note, 1930

    Mohandis K. Gandhi Signed Note, 1930

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BOSTON - Recently, The Curator’s Eye ( sat down with Claudia Strauss-Schulson of Schulson Autographs, a leading dealer in the historical autographs and manuscripts field. Schulson has been a dealer using The Curator’s Eye for over a year, and we took this opportunity to discuss her approach to the marketing platform, her experience listing items, and how she uses the client lists and client analytics provided by The Curator’s Eye to expand as well as refine her business practices.

"The Curator’s Eye Is An Online Antique Show"

Already, Schulson Autographs has “shifted its business to internet and catalogs and by appointment” after exhibiting and selling from several spaces across Manhattan. They also “have exhibited at various antiquarian book fairs and continue to do so, particularly the ABAA's New York Antiquarian Book Fair.” She is pleased that “The advertising The Curator’s Eye does expands the context for historical autographs and manuscripts. I have found it to be similar to a high end antique show – The Curator’s Eye is an online antique show.”

"For The Love Of History"

Schulson came to dealing in historic autographs by way of her “love for history, particularly biography.” She recalls, “I was fascinated by Winston Churchill in high school, Queen Elizabeth I of England in college, and Mary Wollstonecraft in graduate school. I especially loved reading their letters and documents they signed. My view is that history explains the present and sets parameters for the future. In the words of Shakespeare, “What is past is prologue.””

According to Schulson, her most popular item exhibited is a handwritten letter from Gandhi. She posits, “There’s global recognition of Gandhi as a great man,” and in the letter, which recently sold, he writes and signs in his native language of Gujarati. The Curator's Eye, with its active marketing approach, gives her the ability to reach hundreds of collectors interested in Gandhi who almost certainly never would have found the letter via her own website.

A Marketing Tool With An International Audience, Broadens The Market 

Of The Curator’s Eye, Schulson says, “It’s a marketing tool that attracts a new audience. I especially like - and was surprised by - the number of international viewers and the interest in our material from other points of the world we have not reached. I like that our autographs and manuscripts are viewed in the context of fine art and antiques which broadens the market for historical documents.”

“It’s Easier Than I Thought” And “The Company Cares About The Success Of My Business”

As a pleasant surprise, Schulson also reports, “I did expect to spend more time manipulating the site” but “it’s easier than I thought it would be.” She adds, “Whenever there’s an issue, my rep is always there.” And, unlike many business relationships, she enthusiastically maintains, “I feel that the company cares about the success of my business.” The Curator’s Eye acts in concert with dealers, providing smaller-scale businesses with the marketing power and global online reach of the auction majors.

Enables Informed, Analytic Marketing Decisions Based On Numbers 

Over the months that Schulson has utilized The Curator’s Eye, her approach and use of the marketing platform has changed. She says, “As I have gotten a better sense of what is appealing, I have made different - and better - decisions about what works best.” This is possible through the unique, proprietary lists of interested clients provided by The Curator’s Eye. She says, “I review the Friday emails which break down the interest level in my listed items.” Specifically, “From the marketing/advertising standpoint, I make decisions based on the numbers my inventory generates.” This informed, analytic decision process helps dealers save money through efficient marketing and make money by generating leads and, ultimately, sales.

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