TEN on 25, Pop Up Exhibition

  • Opening Reception 6 to 9pm

    Adjacent to many same night Culver City openings


"Ten on 25" gathers the work of ten Los Angeles artists whose work in diverse media--painting, assemblage, photography, textile-is linked by a common exploration of texture.  The exhibit will be open for ONE DAY ONLY on Saturday February 25: noon until 9pm, with a reception from 6 to 9pm.

The works engage tactility of materials and process, whether using multiple processes as in the mixed media paintings of Laurie Yehia or Wanda Boudreaux’s photographic drawings; handling of single materials such as the heavily impastoed canvases of Tracey Harnish or Anne Troutman’s photo-reliefs; or assembly process such as Lisa Segal’s colorful cardboard sculptures or the fabric paintings of Sandra Lauerbach. 


The ten also employ diverse styles such as Jack Barnhill’s photorealistic portraiture, Velda Ishizaki’s abstractions on sewn canvas, Alain Rogier’s abstract expressionism and Essi Zimm’s surrealistic, figurative painting with a graffiti sensibility.  LA’s “anything goes” culture is represented here by a group of individuals who do not belong to any particular genre but who merge in a common exploration and aesthetic.


Artists: Jack Barnhill, Wanda Boudreaux, Tracey Harnish, Velda Ishizaki, Sandra Lauterbach, Alain Rogier, Lisa Segal, Anne Troutman, Laurie Yehia, and Essi Zimm.  




Press Contact:
Tracey Harnish


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