Winslow Homer in America Exhibition Opens at Columbus Museum

  • COLUMBUS, Ohio
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  • March 14, 2013

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Winslow Homer, Dad¹s Coming, published in Harper¹s Weekly, 1873, wood engraving on newsprint

The Winslow Homer in America exhibition will be on display through June 9, 2013 in the Third Floor Galleries at the Columbus Museum. This exhibition was organized by Contemporary and Modern Print Exhibitions and is made possible by the generous funding from the Hardaway Endowment Fund and the Consolidated Columbus Government and Columbus Convention & Visitors Bureau. Winslow Homer was an American landscape painter and printmaker and is recognized as a dominant figure in nineteenth-century American realism. Homer's early work focused upon bustling urban scenes, seasonal leisure time activities, life on the farm, and important people.


From 1860 - 1865 Homer became a field correspondent and he chronicled events leading up to and during the Civil War. His Civil War scenes are among the most powerful and authentic records of Union troop experiences produced. When the war ended, Homer turned his attention to scenes that were a reflection of both his own nationalistic concerns and the post-war nostalgia for America’s past. He explored a variety of subjects, including scenes of rural life, recreational activities, and themes of childhood.


All of Homer's most popular illustrations are included in this exhibition of 125 wood engravings produced over a period of nearly three decades.


As an American art and regional history museum, and the second largest general museum in Georgia, the Columbus Museum offers a diverse collection to the public. For more information about the Columbus Museum or the Parasol, Purses, and Petticoats exhibition and the educational programming associated with the exhibit, please visit

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