Harry H. Roseland (1867-1950)~Story Teller through his paintings of Southern Life

"Pick a Card"
"Pick a Card"
  • The Fortune Teller

    The Fortune Teller

Harry Herman Roseland never left his birthplace of Brooklyn, New York, but was very successful working in a style that allowed him to tell a story, evoke an emotion, or educate through his paintings of post-Civil War southern life.

His most popular paintings depicted the simple joy of reading a letter from a suitor, or around the family dinner table but his most famous paintings depicted fortune telling.

Media star Oprah Winfrey has stated that her favorite painting in her personal collection is Roseland's 1904 work titled "To the Highest Bidder" (which is a striking painting which depicts a mother and daughter that are about to be separated by a slave auction.) The title of this painting mirrors the fact that it was sold for a record price of $253,000 (highest price achieved for this artist).

We are pleased to offer three of the finest works available by Roseland, which are fresh from the B. King Collection, Miami Beach, Florida.

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