Myers Contemporary Presents David Kessler in Miami

  • "Luminous Progression" 44"x64", Paint on aluminum, brushed, 2010, David Kessler

    Using a perfected technique in the photo-realist tradition developed over the past twenty-five years, David Kessler has created a series of spectacular waterscape paintings that incorporate realistic imagery painted over a surface of abraded and polished

David Kessler’s photo realistic works will be presented in Miami by Myers Contemporary next week. Kessler has intentionally added to the world of art by perfecting a waterscape technique using abraded and polished aluminum combined with paint and canvas.

Kessler’s innovative signature style of illusionary waterscapes engages the viewer with the play of light and color introduced both through paint as well as reflections on textured aluminum. When combined with painted canvas, Kessler’s viewers perceive an even greater shift between the painted surface and the aluminum media.

Myers Contemporary will be showcasing Kessler’s  work at the entrance to Red Dot, adjacent to the entrances to Scope and Art Miami. Red Dot Fair Miami, Scope and Art Miami will run from December 1 – 5, 2010 in the Wynwood Art District, with opening receptions on November 30th.

Kessler's work, and all of Myers Contemporary's works for Miami Arts Week, will be available on Collectrium's revolutionary image-recognition iPhone application. These state of the art apps will allow visitors to take a snapshot of artworks exhibited at the fair and:

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Myers Contemporary is a relatively new gallery led by Mark Myers, who has been a private dealer and consultant for over 25 years. Myers seeks finely finished works with content, avoiding the ephemeral in favor of long term relevance and value. Myers works with a diverse range of artists in reputation and accomplishment, as well as imagery and content. In addition to working with private collectors, Myers recently worked with Legg Mason on a Caio Fonseca large scale commission piece for their new headquarters in Baltimore, MD.

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