A deeper look into John Ferren's Abstract Expressionist paintings - on view at Findlay Galleries, Palm Beach

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  • January 26, 2022

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John Ferren | Untitled | oil on canvas | 50 x 55 1/2 in. | FG© 140577
Findlay Galleries
John Ferren | Marsmist | 1961 | oil on canvas | 71 x 65 in. | FG© 140578
Findlay Galleries
John Ferren | Untitled (JF10) | 1962 | oil on canvas | 48 x 40 in. | FG© 140586
Findlay Galleries

Findlay Galleries is proud to announce the opening of From Paris to Springs II at Findlay Galleries, 165 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, FL 33480. The show will open to the public on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022. The first installment of the acclaimed exhibition was shown at Findlay Galleries, New York, in October 2021. After great success and reception by both collectors and critics alike, the second exhibition delves deeper into John Ferren’s Abstract expressionist works from the late 1950’s and early to mid-1960’s. This new collection of works from the John Ferren estate represent a choice sample of his fully mature and refined vision where color, form and texture dance in an interplay that brings joy and conveys exuberance.  

John Ferren was a founding member and president of The Club and is rightly considered a founder of the New York School and the Abstract Expressionist movement. However, his contributions eclipse this narrow but exalted definition. He was one of the only painters of the New York School to have been part of the Parisian Avant-garde and Gertrude Stein's inner circle.

"Ferren hit his stride in the late 1950s and early '60s, with a series of purely abstract compositions with centralized tangles of brightly colored lines set against monochrome backgrounds of contrasting, searing hues. Some of the most striking works on view, such as the luminous Tierra Caliente (1961), and My Irish Rose (1962), appear akin to certain works of the Ab Ex period by Philip Guston, Mark Rothko, and others. Ferren's formidable contribution to mid-20th-century painting, though—as evidenced by the works in this exhibition—is a rather idiosyncratic fusion of New York School tenets and the lessons of the Parisian avant-garde that captivated him in his youth." – David Ebony, Brooklyn Rail, 2021


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