Castro NYC, a Testament to Timeless Artistry and Fine Jewelry Innovation, Relaunches Under Sir King Castro

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  • October 10, 2023

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Castro NYC, a name synonymous with visionary artistry in the world of fine jewelry, is set to embark on an exhilarating new chapter under the stewardship of Sir King Castro, child of the legendary jewelry designer Terry Castro. The relaunch promises to bring forth a fusion of Terry's unmatched creative legacy and Sir King Castro's fresh perspective, culminating in a collection of awe-inspiring pieces that redefine the boundaries of wearable art.


Terry Castro's journey as a jewelry designer was marked by an unwavering passion for crafting pieces that transcend conventional artistry. His creations, distinguished by a liberal use of opulent gemstones and intricate hand-details, tell unique stories that captivate hearts and minds. Drawing inspiration from a diverse array of global cultures and personal experiences, Castro’s designs evoke a sense of wonder, leaving an indelible mark.


Castro understood that jewelry is more than an accessory; it is an embodiment of emotions, a testament to the power of craftsmanship, and a celebration of life's cherished moments. This insight propelled him to immerse himself in gemology, metalworking, and design, allowing his talent to blossom and earning him accolades from the industry.


A rising star, Terry's commitment to excellence and passion for pushing the boundaries of design attracted a devoted clientele, ranging from influential personalities to discerning connoisseurs of fine art. Each creation bearing the Castro name became a coveted treasure, sought after by those yearning to wear artful jewels.


Sir King Castro, the torchbearer of Castro NYC, has embarked on a mission to share their father's story and carry forward the legacy of the iconic brand. Born and raised in the world of jewelry, Sir King represented Castro at the prestigious Sotheby's Black and Brilliant event in London in 2021, marking the beginning of their journey to preserve and celebrate Castro’s artistic vision.


Sir King's journey is deeply rooted in the world of jewelry. Growing up, they split their time between Ohio and New York City, immersing themselves in the artistry of their father, often assisting with street-side jewelry sales in SoHo and making small repairs in Castro’s Harlem studio. This hands-on experience led to a profound understanding of the craft. “I want to share Castro NYC’s story with the world, so people can find inspiration,” says Sir King Castro. Regarding the brand’s position in the industry, they say “I see Castro NYC jewels as rare collectible sculptures more than I see them as just jewelry.”


After attending the Toledo School for the Arts in Ohio and then the Chicago College of Performing Arts pursuing a BFA in theatre, Sir King's artistic journey took a transformative turn. In 2016, Castro relocated to Istanbul, Turkey, and his work began to reach new heights. Sir King soon followed suit, at the behest of their father, to join Castro in Istanbul as his apprentice. Dropping out of college in 2019, Sir King made the move to Istanbul to learn under their father. There, Sir King was taught the tightly held secrets which give Castro’s jewels their signature look. In the workshops of Istanbul, they diligently observed Castro and Old-World jewelry masters fully immersed in the craft.


Tragically, Castro passed away unexpectedly in 2022, leaving behind a thriving brand. Sir King, driven by a passion to share their father's story and continue his artistic legacy, relocated to New York City eight months later. “There are many sketches and ideas that Castro created, yet to be brought to life,” says Sir King Castro. For clients, Castro NYC is opening its archives for Terry’s one-of-a-kind designs, allowing production for those seeking a unique Castro NYC heirloom.


As part of the brand relaunch, Castro NYC has an exciting partnership with Carpenters Workshop Gallery, a world-renowned gallery with locations in London, Paris, New York, and LA. Castro NYC finds its place in the gallery among avant-garde designers, such as Michèle Lamy and Jacqueline Rabun. The collaboration will culminate in a retrospective featuring Castro NYC's iconic pieces, set to debut in 2024 at their London gallery, Ladbroke Hall. During New York Fashion Week, Castro NYC featured the gallery’s Manhattan space as the elegant backdrop for its brand relaunch imagery.


“Carpenters Workshop Gallery is honored to represent Castro NYC exclusively and looks forward to hosting the first retrospective of the artist's work in 2024. Terry Castro’s vision, craftsmanship and creativity are a testament to his artistry and innovation and resonate with the spirit of Carpenters Workshop Gallery, where creativity knows no bounds and the boundaries of collectable jewelry art are pushed,” says Tamara Platiša, Head of Jewellery.


Sir King Castro is on a mission to share their father's inspirational story with the world, carrying forward the legacy of Castro NYC. They have re-established working relationships with the brand's master jewelry workshops in Istanbul, where the intricate craftsmanship that defined Terry's creations will continue to flourish. While there are sketches and ideas that have yet to be brought to life, Sir King acknowledges the importance of taking the time to honor their father's legacy properly. "We are a small family business, and I want to keep it that way, " they add.


As the world eagerly awaits the renaissance of Castro NYC, the brand's commitment to timeless artistry and innovation remains unwavering. With Sir King Castro at the helm, the legacy continues to evolve, ensuring that each creation is not just a piece of jewelry but a masterpiece that captures the essence of Terry Castro's extraordinary vision.


To learn more about Castro NYC, visit email or call 419-617-4046. To purchase Castro NYC at Carpenter’s Gallery, visit, email or call +44 20 3051 5939. For inquiries about this press release, contact Pietra Communications at or call 212-913-9761.

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Castro NYC
About Castro NYC

Castro NYC was founded in 2006, under the visionary artistry of the late jewelry designer, Terry Castro. Redefining wearable art and sculpture, the brand pushes the boundaries of design and materials, with an unwavering commitment to luxury, mystery, and purpose. Under the creative direction of his son, Sir King Castro, it continues to evoke wonder and drawing cross-cultural inspiration as soulful, wearable art.

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