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Collectors Concessions Launches Online Gallery to Sell Contemporary Art from Collectors' Collections

  • NEW YORK, New York
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  • December 07, 2017

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Kent Hendrickson, "Steady Breeze"

Online consignment websites are proliferating for antiques, furniture, fashion, jewelry and watches and now contemporary art. Collectors Concessions, founded by contemporary art collectors Eileen and Richard Ekstract, launched this month to offer contemporary art from the collections of established collectors. With an inventory of collectible artists, art enthusiasts on a budget or looking to expand their collections, as well as other collectors, can purchase work directly from world renowned collectors in a direct sale payment method which eliminates the "middle man" and provides an opportunity for high-quality artists' works to reenter the marketplace without the fees associated with auction houses and galleries.  Collectors Concessions makes the buying of high quality art easy and enjoyable--each piece of art offered online by Collectors Concessions has been validated and vetted by a committee of contemporary art collectors before being listed for sale on the website.  Prices start at $400 for Paul Blanchard’s “Italian Alp” photograph and reach $21,500 for Dieter Rehm’s Herrenchiemsee.

“Art collectors are often faced with the same question, ‘Why would certified collectors sell art they have acquired?’,” explains Eileen Ekstract.  “Because collectors continue to buy art long after their walls and floors are completely covered.”  Collectors will always collect.  The idea for Collectors Concessions came about during conversations between the Ekstracts and their art collector friends. Instead of scaring off first time art buyers and art enthusiasts, Collectors Concessions is able to help them acquire high quality art for their walls.  “Art needs to be seen, not stored,” she adds.

For many great collectors, the "search" for new and interesting art is never ending.  Collectors fall in love with an artist’s painting or sculpture and suddenly become obsessed with getting their hands on the next commissioned piece. In today’s ever-evolving world, collectors may decide to de-access some of their collections for many reasons.  This opens up new opportunities for both collectors and the artists. “It’s a win-win situation for everyone,” says Mrs. Ekstract.     

Among the current collectors whose work is consigned with Collectors Concessions are:   

  • Lillian Heidenberg, a member of the prestigious Art Dealers’ Association of America and renowned expert on Henry Moore and Lynn Chadwick, works with important Asian contemporary artists.
  • Douglas F. Maxwell is a contemporary art advisor, consultant and NYU professor whose shares his personal insights to the contemporary art scene.
  • Sue Stoffel brings 25 years of professional art experience and market expertise to the contemporary art world and works with collectors in acquisition, sales and collections worldwide.
  • Jane Wesman, and her husband Donald Savelson, a board member of the Bronx Museum of the Arts, are deeply engaged in the world of contemporary art as supporters of young artists and non-profit art institutions.

Both Eileen and Richard Ekstract are prominent collectors of contemporary art and make each purchase knowing that there is some luck involved in picking “winners”.  Many of their art works are requested for loans to museums and galleries. Richard Ekstract served as a trustee New York’s New Museum of Contemporary Art for 17 years and together with Eileen, is the founder and former owners of Cottages & Gardens magazines which features Collectors Concessions (  in this article:        

Collectors Concessions

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