Listen to the Twilight Hour - Angela Spohr Puppel’s Recent Compositions in Hamburg

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  • January 16, 2015

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Copyright Angela Spohr Puppel
Copyright Angela Spohr Puppel

Solo Exhibition at Augustinum Hamburg
Exhibition Dates: December 15, 2014 – January 25, 2015

A lifelong fascination with painting, music and singing shapes the creative multilevel work of Angela Spohr Puppel. The paintings of the artist, mezzo-soprano concert singer and painter, were selected to exhibit in a solo show at Augustinum Hamburg. In reviewing her artistic concepts, the Freiburg based artist explains the meaning behind her series: “Most of my paintings are influenced by music, songs by Franz Schubert. Moreover they are also memories, impressions of my private journeys and opera concert tours worldwide.”

“I am expressing my feelings in colored semi- abstract forms, structured in vital, dynamic gestures. When I am singing I can give the song or the composer my own interpretation, my own vocal colors similar to my painting compositions in oil and acrylic. This is the reason why I was showcasing my paintings and complementary singing ballads of Franz Schubert, Franz Liszt, Hugo Wolf and Benjamin Britten at the exhibition opening.“

“The collectors love to hear my voice interpreting the ballads "The Fisherman", "The Dwarf", "Die Lorelei", "King of Thule", "Mermaid Binsefuß" or the Irish folk song "The Last Rose of Summer" as well as my visual artworks. My lecturer the famous painter Nelson Rivera Leiva, former Professor at the University of Chile, was fascinating me for portraits. In Freiburg, the painter Ulrich Gater was teaching me to specify the technique of acrylic and oil painting, but also plein-air painting in the Mediterranean landscape. It was amazing working in the glimmering light of France, discovering all the different nuances of Blue, deep in the ocean or at the endless horizon.”

Copyright Angela Spohr Puppel
Copyright Angela Spohr Puppel

The mezzo-soprano Angela Spohr Puppel studied at the renowned Academy of Music in Freiburg. After graduation, she completed her studies in Basel (Switzerland) with Kurt Widmer and Elsa Cavelti. Angela Spohr Puppel has given numerous recital concerts at the Conservatory of Reykjavik (Iceland), Roaring Hooves Festival (Mongolia) and the German Embassy in Vancouver (Canada).

At Augustinum Hamburg Angela Spohr Puppel presents a self-reflective and autobiographical approach to her artistic practice. Placing the process of painting and music, she attempts to examine her concept to focus the relationship between color, form, space and music. In her solo exhibition the viewer is taken into the illusion of an imaginaire landscape. What appears to be a color, shape and form, is in fact a rich variety of overwhelming emotions. Painting and music become an organic whole to transfer the essence, the spirit of life.

Augustinum Hamburg
Mühlenweg 1
21521 Aumühle/ Hamburg

Operation Hours:
Daily 9.00 am to 8.00 pm

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Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund

Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, born in Zurich/ Switzerland, is an Art Historian and Managing Director at Art History Consulting (AHC). She studied Art History at Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel (Germany), University for Foreigners Perugia (Italy) and London Guildhall University (UK). She has written widely on modern and contemporary art. Her essays have been featured in monographs, exhibition catalogues, e-zines, journals and the online editorial department of Goethe Institute Inter Nationes.

Copyright Angela Spohr Puppel
Copyright Angela Spohr Puppel

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