Artist Ben Moon Collaborates with Building Art Curatorial Program

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  • May 10, 2015

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“Horizon Triptych” by Ben Moon

Artist Ben Moon has been selected as the featured artist in the lobby of 366 Fifth Avenue, which is located across from the Empire State building. Several of Moon’s mixed media paintings will be featured in the exhibit, as well as three art panels entitled “Horizon Triptych” that are mounted in the doors along the back wall of the lobby. The exhibition is tied to the commencement of Market Week, which begins on May 4th and will run for six months.  

The exhibition was curated and coordinated by Cindy Farkas Glanzrock, the President of the Building Art Curatorial Program (BACP), whose aim is to match commercial building owners, collectors, and tenants with established arts organizations and emerging and mid-career artists.

“New York City is a convergence of energies from across the globe that collide and simmer in a primordial soup of culture, commerce, and creativity, evolving into the trends of tomorrow,” says Glanzrock. “The inspiration stems from ideas throughout history that culminate in a “Nexus,” a convergence of connections that bind together ideas and trends from the past and the future. I chose Ben for this specific lobby project with the aesthetics of the accessory companies that fill the building in mind, and it’s a melding of real estate, art, and the fashion business.”

With a string of exhibitions all over the world, Moon has spent his artistic life following these diverse paths, wherever they have led. The fragments of collage and found objects used in his work are discoveries made during these explorations. The Black & White matrix of symbolic drawings, as well as the “mosaic” painting style represent Moon’s attempt to weave together various “memory samples” into a tapestry of beliefs which determines the way we each experience reality.

"It’s been the experience of a lifetime working with Cindy Glanzrock, who has worked so tirelessly to curate this project and help me realize my vision for the Lobby of 366 Fifth Avenue. This building symbolizes the merging of many diverse ideas and technologies into the ideas of tomorrow. The inspiration for "Nexus" is to create a series of images which not only represent this dynamic process pictorially, but to use the placement of each image in sequence, to lead the viewer through the space, revealing the story gradually," states Moon.

The “Nexus” works, and other art by Ben Moon, will be for sale from Monday, May 4th through summer 2015 at 366 Fifth Avenue. For information about the art for sale and other works, please contact Cindy Glanzrock

BEN MOON As an avid musician and "fine arts" major at Tulane University, Moon immersed himself in the diverse artistic culture of New Orleans. Even at this early stage, he became fascinated by the ways in which his love of creating both sonic and visual

elements could be combined to create a heightened emotional effect. After graduating and returning to New York, Moon's work has been featured in a string of successful exhibitions throughout the world, including New York, London, New Orleans, Beijing, as well as several appearances at Miami's prestigious Art Basel. For more information, visit his website,  

Cindy Glanzrock is the President of Building Art Curatorial Program and can be contacted by email at or through

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