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  • June 25, 2011

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Ferdinand Burgdorff, Captain's Courageous, 1948, oil on board, 20 x 47.5 inches

Sullivan Goss – An American Gallery presents SUNRISE SUNSET, a collection of luminous landscape paintings that capture the extraordinary effects that attend the passage between day and night. SUNRISE SUNSET is an exhibition of diurnal rhythms and transitional light covering over 130 years of historical and contemporary painting.
Celebrating the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, this exhibition extols the deeply moving events that greet us in the morning and send us to sleep in the evening. These transient moments have mesmerized artists for centuries, challenging them to record diaphanous forms in oil and watercolor and launching careers from Turner to Monet.  Working en plein air, the Impressionists were famous for their love of these magic hours, as their main effort focused on the portrayal of the sun’s most evanescent effects. All sought to capture those fleeting moments — like a deep breath before a jump — that define our circadian experience, when the drama of the sun’s entrance and exit relieves us of the concerns of our workaday lives. The glorious parade of sunrises and sunsets delineate our days and mark the impermanence of our existence, yet awe us with their beauty, suffusing our time with significance and a sense of the universe’s magnitude. 
Sullivan Goss has pulled together a collection of vintage and contemporary paintings that span from Luminist paintings of the late nineteenth century through Tonalism, Impressionism, Fauvism and Modernism to clear-eyed Realism and even Post-Modern painting.  Paintings of twilight, dawn, dusk and even the rise of the moon will be on display through the summer months. 
Paintings by Lockwood de Forest, John Nava, Birger Sandzen, Ferdinand Burgdorff, Thomas McGlynn, and Dan Lutz, among others will be on view.  Join us in this celebration of dusk and dawn as perceived and portrayed by the artists at Sullivan Goss.

Opening Reception: 1st Thursday, July 7, 2011, from 5 – 8 pm
Also on view: FIVE AT ELEVEN: The Emerging History of Our New Space through August 28, RICHARD
HAINES: Subdividing the Space through August 28, and HANK PITCHER: TIDAL FORCE through August 28.

Sullivan Goss - An American Gallery
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Santa Barbara, California
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