Marcello Lo Giudice Eden Universe, Eden Ocean

  • Lo Giudice Eden Blu, 2018 140x140cm

    Lo Giudice Eden Blu, 2018 140x140cm

EXHIBITION DATES: May 10 - June 9 2018


Opera Gallery New York

791 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10065

T. +1 646-707-3299 |

It is with great pleasure that we present Eden Universe, Eden Ocean, a major solo

exhibition of sedimentary, saturated, abstract paintings from Marcello Lo Giudice at

Opera Gallery New York for the very first time.

It is undeniable that Lo Giudice’s paintings draw influence from his early studies in the

scientific field of Geology, however, rather than remaining limited by the solid,

unshakable representation of time, these celebratory paintings reflect a more

transitory and ephemeral, perhaps even spiritual status. Combining his knowledge of

the Earth’s organic processes with a sympathetic passion for material substance,

these richly colored tableaus go on to reflect the artist’s magnetism towards the

sublime, an exotic territory, that defies scientific analytical definition with an urge to

see, and indeed feel, beyond the process of study or thought.

To feel within nature the existential impact of that which is greater than

us is an intrinsic motivation. To plunge the inky black depths of the

deepest ocean, stand solitary and small on a cliff edge enveloped by

the expansive horizon ahead, to gaze at the infinite, mutable weight of

the sky overhead, to feel the incandescent heat of sun on sand - are just

some of the experiences that are perhaps involuntarily encapsulated by

the artist and in turn vicariously experienced by us, the viewer.

Structured with thick layers of pigment, applied in showers of paint that

are then left to dry, a history of time, thought, action and matter

becomes buried, only to re-emerge, in part, through various technical

phases - scratching, abrasion and removal to reveal the past, in order to

move the work forward. The works are an embodiment of the cyclical

alliance between man and material. The richness of pigment is also

notable in these paintings - crusted with strong imbued color, often

monochromatic, from flat, deep, rich, base tones to luminous,

shimmering veils. We feel the ground and air, body and spirit.

Marcello Lo Giudice’s paintings express that which nature has contained

for herself and that which resides within us all and beyond us all. Telluric

experience and material amplified, communicating, the universal

connection and the wider energy of all creation.


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Opera Gallery
791 Madison Ave
New York, New York
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