Two (2) $60,000 Collaborative Artmaking Commissions Announcement

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  • January 02, 2020

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An opportunity for Aspiring Artists to fulfill a $60,000 paid commission under the guidance of an established practicing Artist

#SpaceFarming, an initiative by HOMO KOALIS, is forming a $1.2 million fund to finance an orbital + terrestrial science experiment that aims to advance K-12 Education, Regenerative Agriculture, Circular Economy, Frontier Technologies, Restorative Justice, and Collaborative Artmaking. 

From this fund, up to $120,000 will be directed to two (2) artist-led groups to fulfill collaborative art-marking commissions (up to $60,000 to each selected group). The objective of this art commission program is to propel Autonomy -- freedom with ability one may live a life of freedom with dignity -- in the community of individuals aspiring to have creative professions, therefore is conceived with emphasis on commerce, entrepreneurship and organization-building.


The commission requirements and process aim to facilitate interaction between pre-career, especially self-taught artmakers or underprivileged individuals currently in creative vocational programs ("Artists") and established professional artists who possess the ability to impart professionalism, entrepreneurship, and practical guidance to aspiring artists ("Advisors"). 

The commission artworks are to serve two purposes: 1) for the Artists to use this work sample to demonstrate his/her skills and professionalism in their future pursuit for jobs, contracts, and private/public commissions, and 2) to be sent to the benefactors of #SpaceFarming as a “commemorative reward”. 

Each selected group of Artists will be paired with an established practicing artist in the commercial fine art field (Advisor) to guide the production of the commission artwork. Advisors’ qualifications include having led collaborative, skills-sharing creative projects to completion, and willingness to guide Artists to a high standard of professionalism, process & time management, finish, and sense of responsibility. Via this interaction, Artists will have an opportunity to observe first-hand, aspects of a successful creative career: expertise, artistic integrity, financial success, and ambition.

Artwork parameters

  • must be made collaboratively by a group of 5 or more Artists 

  • measures approximately 6 feet by 9 feet, two-dimensional

  • must be a singular work; No photography, prints/multiples, no digitally generated work

  • made in any variety of materials and methods of visual expression, including but not limited to: painting, collage, mosaic, quilt/embroidery/weaving, bas-relief, and carpentry/marquetry.

  • no restrictions to subject matter (Advisor should guide appropriately)​



Expression of Interest: January 2 through 31, 2020

Interested artist groups can submit a Letter of Intent (no more than 400 words) to <curious @> with a subject line “#SpaceFarming Art Commission + <your group name>”.  

Expression of interest does not require description of proposed artwork, but should include attachments or links to images indicative of applying Artists' work to date.

Though not mandatory, your application may be endorsed by a non-profit organization, including trade schools, industries programs, and collectives, with a track record of running educational programs promoting awareness on sustainable ecology through art or creative vocational apprenticeship/training for the under-privileged (youth, young adults, or formerly incarcerated individuals). Such endorsement may be necessary if you are a group of artists currently not in position to receive and manage funds independently. (Example)​

If applying Artists already have qualified Advisor(s) in mind that they want to work with, please mention in your Letter of Intent.

If appropriate, HOMO KOALIS will provide the necessary services associated with setting up the Artist's group as a multi-member LLC.


Announcement of Commission Recipients: no later than April 20, 2020

​Selected groups shall receive their funds by June 30, 2020. Each group will have until September 30, or three (3) months following receipt of funds to complete and deliver their work.  


  • $30,000 Artists compensation 

  • $10,000 Production expenses (materials and tools)

  • $5,000  Logistics (crating, shipping by ground & insurance)

  • $5,000 Donation toward endorsing organization’s future programming

  • $10,000 Advisor compensation and expenses, all-inclusive (including travel, if not local)


HOMO KOALIS (Humanity Evolved, LLC) is a multi-category Consumer Packaged Goods and edutainment media company that exists to propel the Autonomy - that is freedom with ability, so that one may live a life of freedom with dignity - of individuals, organizations, communities, and societies. Along the way we want to quench curiosity and make the world a better place.


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