Neolithic Chinese Jade Jewelry Adorns Gianguan Auctions Saturday Sale

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  • September 08, 2017

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Icy jade pendants. Lot 5. Gianguan Auctions, September 9.

As every woman knows, there is jewelry and then there are statement pieces. Whether the choice is a contemporary Chinese carved jade pendent, precious prayer beads or indeginous jewelry five-thousand years old, there is always room for one more signature piece.You will discover it at Gianguan Auctions online catalog now and on the podium Saturday, September 9.

A few of the highlights are  Lot 5, an icy jadeite pendant carved with bat and ruyi, along with a leaf shaped pendant carved with grapes. Both are suitable to be worn or kept close as touchstones.  Estimate on the lot is $800-$1,500.

Rev up your imagination and your personal power with Lot 242, a Liangzhu "chicken bone" jade huang (arch shaped pendant) inscribed with a zoomorphic mask. The conversations it will start! You'll find yourself sharing the joy of discovery as you speak about the symbolism, and the  iportance of the early cultures. The large, 6 1/2" long headdress ornament with two holes makes an outstanding pectoral necklace. Bidding begins at $,3000

The scholaship that accompanies Lot 251, two semi-circular carved jade pendants inscribed with mythical masks, is of itself as valuable as the huangs. Of the Liangzhu period, their smooth surfaces of yellow tone stone with brown inclusions is considered fine for the period. The starting bid on the two is $1,000. 

Two Liangzhu culture carved jade pendants. Lot 251. Gianguan Auctions, September 9.

There are also several collections of small archaistic jade carvings, most likely created for ritual uses designated Lots 240, 241, and 246. Their prices are estimated at a few hundred dollars. 

For pure classic style, its the collection of  jadeite bead necklaces. Lot 22, of varigated green, extends out from a central bead. Lots 26 and 28 are lavender jade bead necklaces, each of matched centimeters. Their estimates begin at $2,000.

For more on the stunning collection of jadeite jewelry, including a jadeite and diamond ring, please download the September 9 auction catalog at 

Preview are open through Friday, September 8, 10-7. The auction will be conducted live beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 9. Bidders may also bid through www.epailive or 

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