KIL N.Y.C. and Miss Havisham Curiosities Launch a Jewelry Collaboration

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  • February 15, 2023

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The Teapot Charm by KIL N.Y.C.
Image courtesy of KIL N.Y.C.
Skull Teacup Ring by KIL N.Y.C. Side View.
Image courtesy of KIL N.Y.C.

After meeting in the spring of 2022, Konstantinos Leoussis (Founder, KIL N.Y.C.) and Melissa Johnson (Founder, Miss Havisham Curiosities) began brainstorming how to combine alternative handmade jewelry with the lively signature teacups. Inspired by their mutual love of mourning jewelry, the macabre, gossip, and – of course – tea, the two teamed up to create two unforgettable accessories. 

“When Konstantinos and I were vending at the Oddities Flea Market next to each other, we instantly had a synergy. I’d been looking for a jeweler to collaborate with on some charms and it felt like a natural fit. He has a great eye and I’m thrilled to work with him,” says Johnson regarding the collaboration. “I’ve always loved tiny, perfectly constructed things. Miniatures and charms are a passion of mine; I’ve been collecting them for years. Miss Havisham’s Curiosities was born out of all of my obsessions coming together – tiny teapot charms and exquisite teacup rings were a natural extension.”

The Teapot Charm is delicate, yet decadent – hung from its handle to look like one is always spilling tea. The charm features a lovely floral base and a realistic skull sitting atop, and is available in sterling silver as well as 14K yellow, rose, or white gold.

Launching alongside the charm is the Skull Teacup Ring, a statement for the next high tea, with a ghoulish skull facing the wearer from its bottom. Also available in sterling silver, as well as 14K yellow, rose, or white gold– the ring is an otherworldly delight.

“All my friends know I’m both an avid tea drinker and a user of creative insults, so when I was introduced to Melissa’s products for the very first time, I felt an instant connection. I love the idea of taking something that’s supposed to be ‘fancy’ or ‘fine’ and combining it with something that feels very gritty - like the profanity Melissa uses on her cups. We wanted to create something that felt true to both our brands - the inspiration for the design was actually a combination of our logos and Miss Havisham’s signature product. Combining our quintessential skull with an antique inspired teacup and pot will awaken even the most sleep deprived caffeine dependent organism.”

Skull Teacup Ring by KIL N.Y.C. Top View Seeing Inside Cup
Image courtesy of KIL N.Y.C.

The collection is available for purchase online at To contact KIL N.Y.C, email Press and Communications Director, India Mankes-Falcon, at or call/text 718-909-6429, or Operations and Sales Assistant, Krystelle Diaz, at or call/text at 646-824-1502. For inquiries regarding this press release, email Pietra Communications at or call 212-913-9761.

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About KIL N.Y.C.

Inspired by a life of travel and antiquities, jeweler, Konstantinos Leoussis created KIL N.Y.C. in 2018, to showcase his love of old-world techniques and motifs. KIL N.Y.C. puts an edgy and modern spin on sentimental jewelry, creating styles that are both easily wearable and instant heirlooms.

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