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  • July 11, 2019

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Ania Luk, 2019, Caught in the Moment, Acrylic on Canvas
Ania Luk


Alexandra Maria Bischoff, Peter Gartz,Karin Köpfli-Fehlmann, Annette Kunow,Ania Luk, Markus Mesmer, Claudia Mini



Bank Art Fair returns to Singapore

With its successful Singapore’s debut in 2014, Bank Art Fair returns with a bold new vision for contemporary art from the region, September, 6-8, 2019. The show continues to be innovative in creating and developing art markets in Southeast Asia.


Gallery AHC Projects in Singapore

Located at the 5-star Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, collectors are invited to meet art galleries, presenting original juried artworks from Asia and around the world. AHC Projects is delighted to participate in Singapore with Alexandra Maria Bischoff, Peter Gartz, Karin Köpfli-Fehlmann, Annette Kunow, Ania Luk, Markus Mesmer and Claudia Mini. Established in Hamburg, Germany in 2004, Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, art historian and director of AHC Projects, specializes in modern and contemporary art. AHC Projects is identified with its support of leading and emerging contemporary artists and offers artworks of exceedingly high quality, as well as expert counsel, to art foundations, museums and private clients worldwide.


Pioneer artists explore the role of perception

About her concept and intention, AHC Projects director Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund explains: „This year we present a first choice of artists, connected by a shared interest to explore the form and space, the role of perception and the innovative use of materials. No doubt, the artists pioneered new ways of making visionary artworks to give the collector a unique and original visual experience.“

Karin Köpfli-Fehlmann, 2019, Circle of Nature IIa, Acrylic, Ink on Canvas
Karin Köpfli-Fehlmann


Participating artists

Alexandra Maria Bischoff, born in Switzerland, is currently working from her studio in Düsseldorf, Germany. Her magic compositions are made in millions of microscopic paintbrushes, to light on the hidden energies and secrets of living cells, in the wilderness of nature, flower gardens, in the microcosm of the megacity Singapore or the phantasy city of 1001 night.


Peter Gartz born 1934 in Berlin, living and working in Hamburg (Germany) received his early drawing lessons by Gerhard Stengel, a master of the renowned Leipzig School and studied Fine Arts in Hamburg. His artworks are the result of an intensive observation and excellent craftsmanship. Peter Gartz, who is also an award-winning photographer, is able to catch the sublime, when the reality appears to a state of suspension and dreaminess.


Karin Köpfli-Fehlmann is a trained Graphic Designer, living and working in Switzerland. The series which she has created for Singapore refers to the elements of life, earth, water, air and fire. Influenced by nature, the compositions reflect her passion for the richness of nature, a sense of wonder of life and its mysteries. The euphoric colours elicit universal truth and infinite illusion while paying homage to the beauty that surrounds us.

Annette Kunow, born in Berlin, is presenting a series of mixed media collages. The multilevel artist who is also writing poetry, creating sculptures and installations, is living in Bochum. In a spontaneous creative process, she plays with shapes, cut outs and colours. Annette Kunow’s figures are quarrelling, laughing, loving or just standing in the room. These smart provocateurs are going to become alive, sometimes in a melancholy mood, sometimes slaphappy, always ready to observe the observer with a sense of humor.

Alexandra Maria Bischoff, 2019, Sweet Singapore, Acrylic, Gold on Canvas
Alexandra Maria Bischoff


With a series of brand new works made for Singapore, titled „Caught in the Moment“ the visual artist Ania Luk, who is living and working in Warsaw (Poland), participates in the show. Ania Luk‘s elegant ballet dancers appear to be independent from gravity, time and space, lift off in the air, finally everything flows. The remarkable compositions are able to capture the still of the moment, while exploring emotions and memory constructions. Unique and of high aesthetic approach!


Markus Mesmer is a visual airbrush artist, living and working in Switzerland, near Basel. His style stands for the use of airbrush or paint rollers which evokes a smooth final effect in his surreal landscapes. Brush graffiti are devoid of unnecessary lines and petty details, but sometimes brushes may be used for the execution of fine points, which creates a more painterly result. There are no hard contrast in Mesmer‘s poetical landscapes, colours and lines seem to be in diffusion, evoking limitless space, no borderlines, but open end, up to the sky.


The Swiss artist Claudia Mini is living and working in Bern, where she has been educated in Painting and Design. Her work is influenced by photography and screen printing as well as by her world travel experiences. Interested in the human being, mind and philosophy, she loves to explore unknown spaces which are nonrational and unsearchable, mission (im)possible, as her „journey to the heart“.



Key Facts

Bank Art Fair SINGAPORE 2019


Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, 22 Orange Grove Rd, Singapur 258350



Friday, 6 September – Sunday, 8 September, 12 – 8 PM

VIP Opening, Friday, September 6, 3 – 8 PM



Curator Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund

Krokusweg 6a, 22869 Hamburg-Schenefeld, Germany

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