San Francisco's Expanded Asian Art Museum Will (Eventually) Unveil New Pavilion with teamLab: Continuity

  • SAN FRANCISCO, California
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  • April 19, 2020

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A rendering of the Asian Art Museum’s new East West Bank Art Terrace, an outdoor space that will be used for events and exhibits.
Asian Art Museum

Swirls of butterflies and sunflowers, crisscrossing crows in flight, streams of luminous ink, rooms alive with light and feeling. Exclusively at the Asian Art Museum, teamLab: Continuity will bring the immersive digital marvels of teamLab — an international art collective based in Tokyo — to a major U.S. museum for their debut solo exhibition. teamLab: Continuity is also the inaugural event in the brand-new Akiko Yamazaki and Jerry Yang Pavilion, the multimillion-dollar centerpiece of the museum’s five-year transformation project and San Francisco’s largest new art exhibition space.

Crows are Chased and Chasing Crows are Destined to be Chased as well, Flying Beyond Borders. 2018/2020. By teamLab (Japanese, est. 2001). Sound by Hideaki Takahashi (b. 1967). Interactive digital installation © teamLab

The museum raised $103 million to expand its special exhibition galleries and gathering spaces, invest in contemporary art programs, strengthen its endowment, refresh its classrooms, enhance its digital offerings, and reimagine the presentation of masterpieces across 31 collection galleries representing the historical breadth and cultural depth of Asia. (The grand reopening is postponed.)

Ahead (dates pending due to COVID-19) at the Asian Art Museum, teamLab: Continuity presents a series of interactive digital installations spread across the 8,500 square feet of the museum’s newly constructed pavilion. Immersed in teeming wonderlands, visitors are encouraged to roam freely through projected environments of vibrant color and sound that dissolve into one another. The touch-sensitive artworks are hyper-responsive to human activity, transforming visitors into participants: rather than a series of preprogrammed movies, the digital animation is derived from dynamic algorithms that react to the visitors’ locations and movements within the exhibition space. The result is an exhibition where the artworks are never exactly the same, and an experience that changes from moment to moment.

To ensure the highest-quality experience for every visitor, this dynamic exhibition will require timed-entry tickets, which will be available via the redesigned museum website. Due to COVID-19, the Asian Art Museum is currently closed to the public. Updates regarding opening dates and times will be made to the museum’s website.

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