An Artist Without Borders: Nenne Sanguineti Poggi

Work by Nenne Sanguineti Poggi
Work by Nenne Sanguineti Poggi
  • Nenne Sanguineti Poggi

    Nenne Sanguineti Poggi

  • Work by Nenne Sanguineti Poggi

    Work by Nenne Sanguineti Poggi

May 17 - June 3, 2018 with its opening reception May 17th, 6-10PM
El Barrio’s Artspace, PS109, 215 E 99th St., New York, NY

Some 61 paintings, drawings, etchings and ceramics will be on display by the acclaimed Italian artist, Nenne Sanguineti Poggi (1909-1912), including a replica installation of her “African Flora” mural in Addis Ababa’s Africa Hall.

Works from nine decades will guide you through the remarkable talents and story of an artist truly beyond the limits and boundaries of her time. Born in 1909 in Savona to a noble family of Italian intellectuals, Sanguineti Poggi became a painter, sculpture, mosaicist, writer and journalist. She interacted with a group of Italian artists who included Tullio Mazzotti, Lucio Fontana, Eugenio Montale and Arturo Martini.

During her years in Africa, she continued to paint, and worked on large public and monumental projects commissioned by then Ethiopia’s Emperor, Haile Selassie, and alongside Italian architect, Arturo Mezzedimi. She was a special envoy for the U.N., has
authored a biography, and contributed chapters to many books. And she has been the recipient of many distinguished awards during her lifetime and posthumously.

In this retrospective you will notice Sanguineti Poggi’s wide range of styles from Figurative post-impressionism to pure abstraction. And you will have the opportunity to view “Farm Children”, its last U.S. showing before leaving for the Palazzo Ducale in Genova to become a permanent part of the Wolfsonian Collection. 

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