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NEW ICONS FOR RUSSIA - CLAUDIA BLÄSI at Art Centre Pushkinksaya 10, St. Petersburg

  • ST. PETERSBURG, Russian Federation
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  • January 10, 2017

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Collage, 45 x 45 cm
Claudia Bläsi


Being a multilevel visual artist and globetrotter for a great part of her life, Claudia Bläsi creates artworks, made of word puzzles with paint in a process of deconstruction and construction. The result of her assemblages are often chimeras that look like paintings and manuscripts all at once. The German artist, who is living in Munich and working globally, is invited to the Art Centre Pushkinksaya 10, St. Petersburg.

The artist-in-residency art project that she will be developing in St. Petersburg is entitled “New Icons for Russia”. It explores the urban life in Russia through an experimental process of construction and deconstruction by cutting out print fragments to reinstall them in a surreal, non-conform context.


“My collages work to a basic rule of sourcing several fragment images”, Claudia Bläsi explains, “with these I can reinvent the original piece to communicate a new idea, usually fantastical, occasional surreal and non-conform.”


But her collages reflect also her environment and activities: not only metro tickets, but laundry or coffee shop receipts, newspaper clippings, magazine cuttings, found objects, sweet wrappers, writings and correspondence, to make a chronicle of her excursions. Claudia Bläsi’s collages are like a journey untraveled, a book unopened, a map unread. Apart from her view of the collage as secondary to the act of painting itself, this energy is not absent to the viewer.

Playing with the themes of nostalgia and loss but ultimately composes lighthearted images that are in dialogue with today’s sampling culture, collapsing and hacking together sources from across the universe in color up schemes, resulting in “New Icons for Russia”.


Claudia Bläsi, born in Germany, studied Economics before she focused on Visual Arts and Photography. Influenced by her professional career, she has been involved in cross cultural media world, as well as private and public collections. Since 2005 the visual artist is a member of the Artists Association BBK Munich and Bavaria.


Among her international exhibitions, Claudia Bläsi’s works are showcased at Miami River Art Fair (USA) during Art Basel Miami Week, Swatch Art Peace Hotel Collection (Shanghai, China), Cao Changdi Chaoyang District (Beijing, China), New Space Art Foundation (Hue, Vietnam), Shanghai Art Garden (Shanghai Fengxian District, China), Kunstforum im Arabellapark Munich (Germany), Städtisches Atelierhaus am Domagkpark Munich (Germany). It is Claudia Bläsi’s first art project and exhibition in St. Petersburg, Russia.





Art Centre Pushkinksaya-10

St. Petersburg Art Residency

Art Director: Anastasia Patsey

St. Petersburg 191040, Russia


In Collaboration with

Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg



New Icons for Russia

Claudia Bläsi Workshop and Exhibition

Art Centre Pushkinksaya-10,

St. Petersburg, Russia

The art project runs from 09 th February – 26 th March 2017.


About the Artist:

Claudia Bläsi



About the Author: 

Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund

Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, born in Zurich/ Switzerland, is an Art Historian and Managing Director at Art History Consulting (AHC). She studied Art History at Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel (Germany), University for Foreigners Perugia (Italy) and London Guildhall University (UK). The art historian, curator and art critic has written widely on modern and contemporary art. Her essays have been featured in monographs, exhibition catalogues, e-zines, journals and the online editorial department of Goethe Institute Inter Nationes.

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